Tweets of the Week: Dec. 14 – Dec. 20, 2008

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Here are some tips and cool sites we were talking about on twitter this week

Food Storage Gift Ideas @ Food Storage Gift Ideas Ideas for gifts, neighborhood gifts, and wish lists.about 5 hours ago from twhirl

Don’t forget about your PETS when planning for emergencies and food storage @ Stealth Survival Some good reminders found here. about 6 hours ago from twhirl

Walgreens is becoming a favorite coupon shopping store. Check out this post for some great recent deals. @ Prepared LDS Family about 6 hours ago from twhirl

Last Minute Christmas Neighbor Gifts @ The Obsessive Shopper These are some great ideas using items that are on sale this week! 5:43 PM Dec 19th from twhirl

Easy Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe … YUMMMMM!!! @ Jacoubs Family Blog Scroll down to see the recipe. It sounds so easy and delicious. 5:32 PM Dec 19th from twhirl

Wow! “Goldfish and raisins and candy-OH MY!” @Food Storage Diva How to add extra comfort foods to your long term food storage. 4:21 PM Dec 18th from twhirl

If a recipe calls for canned beans, use your food storage dried beans and cut the amount by 1/2-1/3. Soak and cook the beans and enjoy! 3:20 PM Dec 18th from twhirl

In case you didn’t catch the blog post … we posted step 10 over at Food Storage Made Easy. The last step!!! YAY! Step 10: Non-Food Items 8:47 PM Dec 17th from twhirl

Making my kids favorite dinner, which happens to be a great food storage meal … Corn Cakes! Here’s the recipe … @ Food Storage Made Easy 5:14 PM Dec 17th from twhirl

Another great food storage neighborhood gift idea from Everyday Food Storage (I LOVE the cookie recipe used in this!) 2:40 PM Dec 16th from twhirl

Did you catch our 2nd gift at Food Storage Made Easy? It’s going to be a big surprise … very fun and exciting!!! @ food storage made easy 12:07 PM Dec 16th from twhirl

Retweeting @eatfoodstorage: WAHOOO!!!! Saved over $100…thank you!!!! (I’ve got to hit Albertsons today too!) 1:09 PM Dec 15th from twhirl

Dried beans … canned versus dried @ My Food Storage Deals Some great info on where the cheapest prices are. Good to know for long term storage 9:32 AM Dec 15th from twhirl

Coupon Organizers @ Food Storage Info These look kinda cute and could be really helpful if you are a coupon-clipper for your groceries. 1:40 AM Dec 15th from twhirl

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