Tweets of the Week: Dec. 21 – Dec. 28, 2008

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Here are some tips and cool sites we were talking about on twitter this week in case you missed any of our “tweets”

Is anyone thinking about food storage as a New Year’s Resolution? I sure am!

Good article about the importance of protecting your identity. @ Shelf Reliance Blog Also check out ID theft protection plans @ Zander Insurance

Retweet @jeremya: If you are really bored you can watch my part one video on sprouting: (great intro to sprouting)

Sorry we have been silent for a few days! Christmas is BUSY. We finally got a new blog post up so check it out! @ Food Storage Made Easy

Quinoa is an alternative grain that you can store if you can’t or won’t eat typical items like wheat. Here’s some info. @ All is Safely Gathered In

DELICIOUS recipes for you to try! @ Self-Reliant Sisters Yummy treats using virtually all shelf-stable items. Oh boy!

RT @rikandes– my preg. wife: “isn’t that what food storage sugar is for, emergency chocolate chip cookies?” me: “it’s in the basement! brb!”

New blog post over at @ Food Storage Made Easy … Gift #3 to our readers this holiday season.

Cornbread and honey butter@ Wheat Grinder Moments Grind your wheat and popcorn kernels to make this delicious recipe.

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