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We have recently discovered that beans really ARE the magical fruit. As you know, Julie has been on a mission this year to learn more about beans and to use them more in her cooking. If you have been following us for a while here at Food Storage Made Easy, you know Julie get’s the reputation for trying to make everything fat and calorie free (she’s one of those “add applesauce instead of butter and it’s fine” types). Well Julie found out about a bean book that has totally changed her life and perspective on beans. She was even embarrassed to admit she stayed up all night when she first got it, dreaming about all the ways she discovered you can use beans.

The book is Country Beans by Rita Bingham. Julie’s most favorite way to use beans is by using white bean flour to make condensed soups. They taste so good that even JODI can’t tell the difference and has starting making it this way as well. If you’re not a believer yet, read about some of the amazing health benefits of beans taken straight from Rita’s book:

Low Calorie Food:
When added to boiling water, bean flours thicken in only 1 minute. By replacing bean flour in cream and soup recipes you lower the calories dramatically because you take out the butter.

Great Protein:
Beans are an excellent source of protein, forming a complete protein when combined with rice, corn, and many other foods. Getting protein this way can help you avoid some of the fatty meat proteins.

High in Fiber:
One cup of beans provide the same amount of fiber as 3 standard doses of Metamucil. Not only do they give you the fiber, they are much more pleasant to eat and can be prepared with endless variety of tastes.

Low in Fat:
Nearly all beans contain only 2-3% fat! You can even add oils to some recipes without going above even the 10% fat level recommended by Doctors.

Lower Cholesterol:
Did you know that beans can help lower your cholesterol level? Not only do they contain NO cholesterol, “they actually help the body get rid of what are considered bad cholesterol.

THESE ARE ONLY JUST A FEW. The book has way more facts, information on how to cook, and tons and tons of recipes. If you are afraid of beans, want to use your beans more, or want a new diet food, you must buy it.

Here’s a little video on making the bean condensed soup. AND if you’re still not a believer…A can of this kind is like 60 calories compared to 210 from a can…

Cream of Chicken Condensed Soup Recipe:

Grind: 4 T of any white bean (lima, navy, etc.) to make 5 T bean flour
• Combine: 5 T bean flour, 1 ¾ c. water , 4 t chicken bouillon into a saucepan
• Cook: On stovetop at medium temperature until thick and delicious (whisk frequently).The soup should cook in 3 minutes! (this may be longer if your grinder makes a very coarse flour).

Use this with cooked veggies and or meat for a complete meal.  You can also add this to recipes calling for cream of chicken soup cans (I have found this replaces a can plus the water or milk in recipes).

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