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We recently asked our facebook readers what they are doing with those extra #10 cans lying around. Well we had some great ideas and wanted to share them with you. You guys are so awesome and we appreciate you sharing your experience and creativity!

Extra #10 Cans

  • Decorate them with printed paper, ribbon, and anything else to make them cute. Fill them with fun stuff (candy, lotion, soaps, etc.) and give them out as presents.
  • Make a #10 can stove for yourself or a gift.
  • Decorate them and then fill them with flowers for center pieces at a party.
  • Use them to store all sorts of things like flour, and wheat from the big plastic buckets, trail mix, homemade crackers, gluten flour, etc.
  • Have your kids decorate them and make drums out of them.
  • You can use them to store buttons, sewing, pencils, crayons etc.
  • Make tin can ice cream in them.
  • Refalange it! (I’m not sure that’s how you spell it). There is a falanger which will take that rim off the top of the can and make it ready to seal again.
  • Put your first aid kit in it, and put it in your 72 hour kit (with a lid).
  • Put vitamins, hair ribbons, cooking spoons, or rolled napkins with silverware for picnics in them.
  • Put contact paper on the outside to make it more decorative.
  • Recycle them!
  • Use it for pre-made mixes in your fridge.
  • Use your #10 cans as containers for gifts –maybe an FHE kit all containing contents all about food storage.
  • Use them to put nails, screws, and other small objects. They help keep things cleaner in a shop or garage.
  • Use them while changing the oil in dirt bikes or the car.
  • Take #10 cans and paint them to match your kitchen. Then make vinyl stickers to label the contents of each can. They are decorative as well as FUNCTIONAL! Refill out of big buckets when needed!


Thanks again to everyone who shared their ideas with us. Please feel free to leave a comment with any more ideas you might have. The more of your ideas we read, the more excited we got to try some of these out ourselves!

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What to do with extra #10 cans

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