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Do you ever have to get a gift for someone, and not want to spend a ton of money, but want it to be thoughtful and useful? I have a hard time buying gifts for people if they aren’t useful. This gift idea is GREAT for young people who don’t have space (or a budget) for large powerless cooking tools. Maybe you have some wedding showers you have to attend this summer – this could be great!

#10 Can Stove Gift Idea


  • #10 can
  • 4 mini bags of charcoal in ziploc bags
  • 4 bags of single use Insta-fire
  • 4 packs of matches
  • cooking pot (any can, if it has a plastic lid, remove it to cook)
  • cut iron rods (coat hanger) to insert into can, and place pot on

Jodi did a tutorial in our powerless cooking class on how to make a #10 can stove, make sure you check it out here.


Packing all that stuff into the can is a little tricky. This video will show you how to pack the can and fit all that stuff IN it. It will also show you how to do all the cute decorations.

To download and print the labels click here

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#10 Can Stove Gift Idea

  • Thegraws

    I clicked on download and print labels but only got the directions.  How do I get to the cover and side of can labels?

    • The pdf has the circle labels you cut.. the other papers that has stripes was just scrapbook paper I had on hand.

  • Kathy

    Where did you get the smaller cans with lids? I am making these for my friend’s Christmas gifts this year.

    • Those are the pantry size cans from Shelf Reliance. You could also use a new quart paint can with a lid from somewhere like HOme Depot. Or maybe a coffee can?

  • Anonymous

    It is a nice gift idea. It is important to packing it with trick. Here I see the video of packaging this stuff. I am really impressed by your tricks.

    wishing well hire

  • Each special occasion that comes in our life, we make sure that we give something special to our loved ones. Most of the time, we use to give things that are expensive and one of a kind because gift giving nowadays are measured by the price. But there are some gift ideas like your article which can give more happiness than a highly expensive gift. Thanks for shairing such ideas.

  • Oh this would make a great Father’s Day gift!  Although I’ve already got it covered this year my Father-in-Law has a birthday coming up soon too!  Thanks for great ideas that are helpful and practical!

  • David

    Nice gift idea. I think this will help a few of my friends get the idea of getting better prepared. Can you  tell me where I can Buy some plastic lids?? I have several cans but need the lids.


    • Most of the online stores on our “where to buy food storage post”
      carry them. You can see the post here

      • Trina

        Thank you for the idea. Have you tested it? People will have to remove the paper labels before lighting , cook outside or with plenty of fresh air , have the cooker on a level steady surface for safety. Some people may not know this and get hurt.

        • Yes! The one I made didnt’ have the cute labels on it. Didn’t think about specifying that they should remove it before use. Thanks for the reminder!

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