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Ever since I was a little girl my mom would make me these bars on or around my birthday. I LOVE them. They don’t even really have a name other then my “Birthday Bars”. They are kind of like a lemon bar but the filling is made with brown sugar instead of lemon, like a sugar pie type filling! YUM!

Since it’s not my birthday, I don’t have a batch to take a picture of but I’ll update the blog with one soon! Just imagine this lemon bar picture with a brown sugar filling instead!


Julie’s Birthday Bars Recipe

1 c butter (can use 1 cup butter powder and 1/4 cup water instead)
½ c powdered sugar
½ tsp salt
2 c flour

Filling Sugar-
2 eggs (can use 2 T. dry egg powder + 1/4 C. water)
2 c brown sugar (can make your own brown sugar)
2 T vinegar
½ c melted butter (can use 1 cup butter powder and 1/8 c. water instead)

Spread crust in two 9 x 13 pans.
Mix filling and place on top of crust.
Bake at 350 for 30 to 40 minutes.

Enjoy a delicious treat for your birthday or any other time!

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