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Make sure to read DAY 2’s facebook discussions and comments on the post to see what we all learned from living through a day of quarantine. (You can read it even if you don’t use facebook!)

In a situation where germs are everywhere it’s wise to always protect yourself!  Also, in cases where you can’t leave your home and may be dealing with sick family members it’s great to have some ready made meals on hand.

Prize: SunDew Cold & Flu Defense System Kit

Rosa Fus

We’ll contact you at the end of the Challenge to get you your prize.
Company/Website: Soleil Life Sciences
Description: The SunDew Cold & Flu Defense System is the first product line to offer a complete solution to managing the common cold or flu. Protect with Hand Sanitizer, Support with Immune Booster, Fortify your body’s defenses under stress with First Response, and Treat symptoms and relieve discomfort with Cold & Flu Syrup.

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Prize: 1 Week Supply of Freeze Dried Food Storage

Carolyn Barber

We’ll contact you at the end of the Challenge to get you your prize.
Company: Wise Company Food Storage
Description: This bucket includes – 2 meals a day – 1 breakfast and 1 entree (14 pouches of food) for a week for 4 adults OR 2 adults and 2-3 kids. Delicious and nutritious meals, just add hot water! It has a value of $120!!

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