The 7 Day Challenge: Day 4 (SATURDAY)

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Times are tough. You have no income at the time. You have lost some critical utilities and are having to cut back on certain items.  It’s also the weekend, you’ve had a rough week and want to do something fun with your family or your friends.

***IMPORTANT NOTE FOR SUNDAY’S CHALLENGE: We want you to get the full effect of Sunday’s challenge so make sure to check your email Saturday night after 8 pm MST (that means winners for today’s prizes will be chosen by 8 pm also)***


  • For this day, and ALL days of the challenge: no spending money, no going to stores, and no restaurants.
  • Your water got shut off because you couldn’t pay your bill last month (remember toilets use 1 1/2-3 gallons of your stored water PER FLUSH)
  • You no longer have cable, internet (except for the challenge), or cell phones due to lack of money
  • You ran out of bread, need some, and can’t afford store bought -YES today is the day you have to actually try making bread
  • You can’t participate in activities that are paid for
  • Do a fun activity with your family, or with your friends that costs no money outside of the home
    ADVANCED “FOLKS” (for anyone who feels up to it)

  • You can’t afford gas for your car, and you’re on empty
  • Your power gets shut off too!

REMEMBER, TOMORROW’S LIMITATIONS AND TASKS WILL BE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. How long would you have lasted under these conditions?


Each day we will be giving a prize to someone who provided feedback to that day’s challenge.  *Click here to see who won Day 3’s PRIZE. To provide feedback on today’s challenge, do one of the following:



To be filled out at the END of the day.
Remember this is for us all to learn so fill it out honestly!

[form 5 “Day 4 Questionnaire”]

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