Day 11: Food Storage Christmas (non-food items)

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Although Food Storage (and Christmas for that matter) are a lot about food, we can’t forget the non-food items that are important and necessary to store! Remember to share some of these ideas and cuten them up with ribbons and the Day 11 Tags:

Options that are Free or Under $1

Tube of Toothpaste

Do we need to explain much here?

An Option that is $5-$30

Package of Toilet Paper

Again, enough said 🙂

First Aid Supplies

A nice gift would be a simple First Aid Kit. If you want to expand on that you can also include other basic medicines or first aid tools that don’t normally come in a kit. Don’t forget your Day 11 Tags, especially if you bought them toilet paper. hehe.

A More Expensive Option

Assortment of Paper Products or Cleaning Supplies

Put together a gift basket, full of items from our non-foods list. These kinds of things are really nice for people on a tight budget because they aren’t things you think of as life-sustaining, but you would NOT want to be without them in an emergency.

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