Day 8: Food Storage Christmas (baking ingredients)

Baking Ingredients
are necessary for you to be able to make a lot of recipes using your grains and legumes. There are a variety of ingredients found in this category, so be creative if one of these ideas isn’t available in your local stores. Add the Day 8 Tags to whichever option you choose:

Options that are Free or Under $1

Extra Container of Salt

Salt is one of those things that you run out of, and don’t necessarily think of storing. Find or buy a container of salt and make it cute with ribbons, or put it in a gift bag, and remind them Food Storage isn’t just grains and legumes.

An Option that is $5-$30

A #10 Can of Powdered Milk or Powdered Eggs

Powdered Milk can be one of those things that are hard to find, or hard to remember to use. Give someone a nice #10 can of powdered milk and challenge them to try it out the next time they are cooking with milk. You could also try giving someone a #10 can of powdered eggs to help them learn to experiment with them.

A More Expensive Option

All-American Sun Oven

If your gift recipient is new to preparedness, they may be worried about powerless cooking. Having a Sun Oven takes away that concern as they will learn how to bake all of their normal foods using the power of the sun.

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