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It’s been awhile since we have shared with you what’s going on with the Extreme Food Storage Makeover for Grandma Lori. Since Grandma Lori bought her Wondermill, Jasmine has been wanting in on the experimenting (Jasmine is Grandma Lori’s daughter and she’s the one who showed us how to make multi-grain waffles with their Wondermill). With the 7 Day Challenge coming up, you better believe one of the tasks throughout the week will be to make a loaf of bread, so pay close attention!

There are a lot of great bread recipes we could choose from to get Jasmine going on her bread making. The one we had Jasmine try first comes from Deals to Meals. You do this thing called “sponging” to the dough, and it makes an incredible dough that makes bread awesome! For the full recipe go here. Check out the recipe, and while you’re there, read Friday’s post. They are letting everyone try their service FREE this week only! After you try and like it, make sure you tell them we sent you.

Another great bread recipe is from Crystal at Everyday Food Storage. This is the recipe Julie used to get her first successful loaf of bread when she first started making bread. Crystal also shares some great bread making tips in case you need some extra help or practice on her Bread Q and A post.

Next up we’re going to show Grandma Lori and Jasmine how to make something else fabulous USING their food storage. We still haven’t decided what it is yet. Maybe we’ll let THEM choose.

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