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We announced in our October Newsletter that we are going to be hosting a group book read of the book One Second After. We are hoping to get a good dialog going about the story itself, as well as some discussion about EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) attacks and how we can prepare for such a scenario. Even if we don’t experience an EMP we think the book will provide a lot of food for thought on ways to prep for other emergency situations too.

One Second After
by William R. Forstchen

This thriller walks you through a fictional story that demonstrates what life would be like if an EMP were to occur. We don’t want to get people too worried about this type of scenario, but instead want everyone to analyze their long term priorities should such an event occur that basically left you to fend for yourself for an extended period of time.

Group Discussion Details

  • Purchase or borrow a copy of One Second After this week and aim to have it read by early November
  • Submit any questions you are specifically interested in discussing to us by November 1st. We will be compiling these and may use some of them as we direct the group discussion. Email them to
  • Come back to the blog the week of November 7th and the fun will begin. We will be structuring the discussions to take place in the comments section and it will most likely span over a few days so you won’t miss out if your schedule doesn’t permit you to be there at a certain time date or time.
  • Feel free to peruse the Facebook Discussion about this book as a preview, but the official discussion will take place here on the blog so everyone can participate and we can respond to each other’s comments in a more “readable” fashion.

We are very excited about this event and if people like it we may consider hosting more group book reads in the future.

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