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When Julie and I first started this blog back in 2008 we decided to take things in BabySteps so as to not get overwhelmed. One of the biggest fears we had about getting started was dealing with powerless cooking situations, so we decided to work on getting our food first so that we would at least be doing SOMETHING.

Over the last few months you may have noticed us going through powerless emergencies during the 7 Day Challenge, and discussing what we would do in extended powerless situations in the One Second After book discussions. Needless to say, we are NOW definitely thinking about powerless cooking!

Introducing Global Sun Oven

Right before the 7 Day Challenge we were contacted by Global Sun Oven and they were gracious enough to let us try out one of the Sun Ovens which worked out PERFECTLY to use it for the Challenge. The president of the company, Paul Munsen, happened to be in town and he brought me an oven to try out and gave me a little tutorial on how to use it. Now I’m so excited to get to share with you his tips and some info on how awesome this product is.

Getting Started

Uses for Sun Ovens

  • Bake, boil, or steam main course meals
  • Bake delicious bread that won’t BURN
  • Dehydrate fruits, vegetables, and meats
  • Bake cookies, brownies, or other desserts
  • Boil or pasteurize water
  • Kill infestations in grains or dried foods
  • Sanitize dishes
  • Dry firewood
  • Sprout foods
  • Decrystallize honey or jams

Christmas Promotion

We became authorized dealers of Global Sun Ovens so that we can help you get low prices and easy access to this great emergency preparedness product. As part of our Black Friday sales event (coming next week) we are offering a fantastic deal on Sun Oven accessories. So you can buy now with just the oven, or wait until next week and find out about all the bonuses you can get for just a little more money.

Can You Make Your Own Solar Oven?

YES! We understand that for many people a Sun Oven just may not be in their budget or on the top of their priority list for preparedness products just yet. We found instructions here for lots of different options on how to make your solar oven. It can only reach temperatures of 275 degrees, but it is definitely better than nothing in a powerless situation. The quality and durability of the Global Sun Oven is definitely worth the money if/when you can afford it.

What would YOU like to see us try with the Sun Oven? Leave us a comment and we will try them out so you can see the results before you make a purchasing decision!

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