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In January of this year, we both posted some of our Food Storage goals and
Resolutions for 2010. It’s hard to believe a whole year has passed and it’s time to report on our goals.

Our joint goal this year was to help Grandma Lori get started with her Food Storage in the Extreme Food Storage Makeover. We’re pleased to report that we have had many successes in that realm and will continue to share things we learn with her. For a list of all the things we did with Grandma Lori, make sure to visit the Extreme Food Storage Makeover Page.

I want to start sprouting regularly and really use it in more in my regular cooking. I must confess, it still totally scares me. I plan to MASTER sprouting once and for all!

RESULT: I haven’t “mastered” sprouting, but I have sprouted a bunch of different things on various occasions. It surprised me how easy it really was – and now I can’t believe I was so intimidated by it. I have put my sprouts in stir fry’s, smoothies, soups, sandwiches, and sometimes I just eat them plain. I’m so glad that I have this skill to fall back on if I need a way to get fresh food in my diet should I have to live off my food storage for an extended amount of time.

I have never been one for following recipes – HOWEVER since I have started using my food storage, I’ll go ahead and admit, I need and use recipes. My current management system of those recipes is pretty pathetic, so I’m gonna beat Jodi on this one and figure out a way to put them all in the same place (and not bring my laptop into the kitchen as I cook anymore!)

RESULT: This is where I confess that I’ve failed. I have had good intentions all year of getting this done, but alas things have gotten in the way. I have brought all my recipes up to my office though with good intentions of compiling them. This however only irritates me when I’m cooking and have to come upstairs to get a recipe. Maybe having to come upstairs more and more will finally force me into getting this done.

I want to learn more about cooking without power. This is a topic I have never ventured into really because …. of fear …. but I’m gonna figure that one out this year too (well at least partially).

RESULT: I feel so much more confident with this topic now. I got a Volcano Grill and used it during the 7 Day Challenge. Just opening it out of the box and practicing on it has given me so much more confidence. I need to store more fuel now, and continue to learn about other methods, but I’m glad I did something about this fear!

My sweet mom (Grandma Lori) donated her food dehydrator to me when we first started to learn about food storage. However, I haven’t been ambitious enough to use it yet. We have had some great tips and resources sent in by readers and I am determined to put some of it into action.

RESULT: Grandma Lori and I traded the dehydrator back and forth a few times this year depending on who was feeling ambitious enough to try it. The final discovery was that it was no longer functioning properly so I’ve been saving up to get an Excalibur Dehydrator. It finally arrived LAST WEEK and I am planning to dry some apples tomorrow. Yay!

When first getting started in food storage, all of the disaster/emergency prep stuff really overwhelmed me. Now that I have food more under control, I feel ready to step up and start to become better prepared for specific types of natural disasters. Our Seven Day Challenge really made me think and my goal is to get more prepared this year.

RESULT: Our group book discussion on the book One Second After really helped me with this goal. While the book covers only an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Attack, it really makes you think about how other emergencies could have similar situations to go through. One of the days of our Seven Day Challenge this year also had us write down a list of disasters that are likely to occur in our area. This was helpful too, and we’ve already had a “severe storm watch” this winter!

I love our three month supply worksheet. I have long wished I had something that specific for my long term food storage. I want to be able to plan meals for my year supply and know I have the right ingredients to make the meals I will be cooking. This is a huge goal for me this year which will take a lot of work but I know it will be worth it!

RESULT: What is it with both Julie and I failing on our recipe projects this year? You’d think we have been busy or something? I managed to come up with recipes for breakfast and then didn’t get any further. I would still love to put all of my food storage recipes in their own binder and have all of them included in my spreadsheet. (SOME DAY!)

What are some of your Food Storage Resolutions for Next Year? It’s always good to set a few goals, and celebrate the successes. We will be sharing our 2011 Resolutions soon!

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