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Today is our first post as part of our new and exciting series:

We are still accepting submissions through the end of this month, so if you want YOUR recipe to be featured, click here to find out more about how to join in the fun. We are still processing all of the amazing recipes from you guys so today you get to sample one of my own favorite recipes.

My mom (Grandma Lori) makes the BEST Chicken Tortellini Soup ever. I started making it but I hated having to have celery on hand for it, so I started using my dehydrated celery (LOVE LOVE LOVE). Over time I started shifting more and more of the ingredients to shelf stable items purely because of the convenience of it. But the other day at the grocery store I stumbled upon SHELF STABLE TORTELLINI PASTA and I knew this would change my life forever, ok my tortellini soup life at least 😉


Picture on the left is using traditional ingredients, on the right is all shelf stable!

Chicken Tortellini Soup Recipe

1 12.5 oz can of chicken (or use freeze-dried chicken)
1/4 c. dehydrated celery
2 T. dehydrated onions
2 1/2 c. water
8 c. chicken broth (or water mixed with chicken boullion)
1/2 tsp. celery seed
1/2 tsp. basil
1/2 tsp. garlic salt
1 tsp. salt
Sprinkle of red pepper flakes (optional)
12 oz package of Barilla Tortellini (yes they are shelf stable!)

Bring the water and chicken broth to a boil. Add spices. Add chicken (cut it up small if you like smaller chunks). Add dehydrated celery and onions. Add tortellini after it returns to a boil. Cook according to your package directions (probably about 10-12 minutes). Enjoy!

Jodi’s Notes:
So I have to admit I actually liked this BETTER with the shelf stable tortellinis. They seemed to hold together better and not get as huge and fluffy. And as an added bonus, they are cheaper than the fresh kind. This is such an easy and fast meal when you use all the shelf stable things (no cooking chicken, no chopping veggies, etc.). This would be a great one to add to your three month supply spreadsheet. If you try it and love it let us know in the comments!

  • cheryl

    Were would you get the big bag of Tortellini pasta from? What stores carry this product? I checked my local Walmart and couldn’t find it.

    • It’s usually in the front by the bakery/meat area. There are specialty cheeses and other items like that in a refrigerated area in the middle. It should be at any grocery store. I find it almost anywhere.

      • vlschenk

        World Market is a good source for the shelf stable Tortellini.

  • Lisa

    Just made this for lunch today – AWESOME! I added some dehydrated mushrooms to it, don’t know if it really changed it at all but it sure was good!

  • Brenda

    Just wanted to say our family just “loves” this soup! Even my picky 21 year old requests it!

  • Tamara

    Thanks for the recipe, my family loved it!

  • Lindsey

    I’m going to try this recipe tonight! If it passes my 2 picky eaters test…then it’s Golden!:)

  • Chris

    Can this be cooked in the electric pressure cooker? I just started using mine and I’m LOVING it.

  • CityFarmin

    I made this a few days ago and it was delicious! My entire family loved it (and some are really picky eaters) so THANK YOU! I look forward to trying all the other dishes to come!

  • avfoodstorage

    I am so excited to start trying these recipes. They fit perfectly into my Meals Made Easy Class this month!

  • SDC

    I’m going to try this and use my dehydrated turkey. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  • Nancy

    Just made the tortellini soup for dinner. It’s sooo good and quick. I’m definitely adding this to my food storage recipes. Thanks!

  • Melanie

    I’m curious as to what brand of chopped onions and celery you have I ve tried dried chopped onions before but wasnt impressed. and I can see the picture clear enough to tell the brand.

    • They are the Morning Moo’s brand sold by Blue Chip Group. I have been happy with both of them. I have some dried peppers in this same brand that are not that awesome. But I think the celery and onions are great!

  • anita

    I had never eaten tortellini until a couple weeks ago. My daughter and I were visiting Costco for the first time and found a great big bag of dried tortellini there. It’s awesome and I highly reccomend it!

    • My mom makes a delicious pasta salad using the tortellinis. I always just sit there and pick out the tortellinis because they are so delicious!

  • Jona

    While the Barilla tortellini is shelf stable, if kept too long though it will break up in pieces when you boil it. If you have one you did not rotate just try not to cook with a hard rolling boil to lessen them from breaking up. Sounds like an awesome recipe. I can’t wait to give it a try.

    • Thanks for the tip! I expect that I will rotate through them fast enough since we eat this recipe quite often. But just in case, that’s great to know.

  • Jeanna Catena

    We have tried and love the Barilla tortellini. Now I have a new recipe to try with it! Awesome thanks.

  • got a printable version?

    • These will all be put together into a printable format that will be added to our FSME binder. Until that’s ready, online version only. Sorry!

  • I haven’t tried this yet, but I like how easy it looks! Many recipes I find using the dehydrated/freeze-dried products have you reconstitute everything before using… I want to have my recipe where you just add the ingredients with the amount of water already adjusted for the dried stuff….
    This looks yummy! I am anxious to see more of your shelf-stable recipes!!

    • I actually added 2 cups of additional liquid to my original recipe to account for rehydrating the veggies and the tortellinis. It seemed to be just the right amount.

  • Tortellini soup is one of my favorites. I can’t wait to try it!

  • Tortellini soup is one of my favorites. I can’t wait to try it!

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