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When we first started our Food Storage Journey, we were scared of planning our whole Food Storage around Shelf Stable Items. We believe there are so many great reasons to have Food Storage, and we were focusing on preparing for situations in which we would still have power first (BabySteps right?). Well it’s been a couple years, and now we’re feeling ready to tackle this issue. We have begun to tackle powerless cooking, but now we are stuck without many pure Shelf Stable Recipes. Our goal is to post a new Shelf Stable Recipe EVERY SATURDAY for TWO YEARS! Well – this is where you all come in. We figure why not share and do this together!

Once we reach 100 recipes we’ll be adding them to our Food Storage Made Easy Binder and sending a pdf of the recipes to each reader who has submitted one as well. We’ll also be posting one of the submitted recipes each week for the next 100 weeks every SATURDAY!

So get involved in the fun and submit your recipe today!

  • My big question for this is I’ve downloaded the cookbook and really liked a lot of the recipes.  However, where I am budget wise and in my own planning of food storage is that I currently do not have any of the dehydrated vegetables that are called for in a lot of the recipes.  One thing I am hoping to do in the future is either buy or have my fiancee make a dehydrator of sorts, but until then, is there a website or anything that you gals may know of that will help to convert some, if not all, dehydrated vegetables into what their fresh counterparts are.  Thanks 🙂

  • Catfishbrody

    I’m not really sure what you are looking for as “shelf stable” recipes. If a person is going to have the ability to boil water the I heartily recommend looking at “freezer bag cooking” at . They have a great cook book filled with great recipes and while some of there recipes call for freeze dried items I find that home dried items can easily be substituted.

  • Kim

    I would recommend The Storm Gourmet by Daphe Nikolopoulos. She has two weeks worth of recipes for two adults using canned goods and no cooking. I received this book for Christmas because of the real possibility of having no power of any sort (at the moment, we are living through a blizzard). I’ve adjusted the storage amount upwards to accommodate my family of five and a dog.

  • nd

    HI, when are you going to be starting this? THANKS, and what a great idea!! nD

  • Judibutton

    I am very excited to see how this works out! I have been feverishly working to stock our pantry, and have recently purchased my dehydrator and grain grinder. I have my own ideas of how to use my pantry, but sometimes tend to get into a rut, so new recipes and ideas are going to be great! Thanks for your commitment!

  • Jennifer M

    Funny you should post this idea! I’ve been “converting” my recipes to “shelf stable” food storage items. For those who can’t afford to buy the ebooks – look for the free ones on the internet. Hillbilly Housewife has lots. Use your library – I checked ot The Complete Trail Food Cookbook”, “Scout’s Outdoor Cookbook”, “The $7 a Meal Healthy Cookbook” and “the $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook”. The Boy Scouts and backpackers know how to do it well with less. Moms too. The library has tons of books – dutch oven and otherwise. Hope this helps – I know it’s helping me! I read somewhere that the Dollar Store has shelf stable milk. I’ve got to go check that out, but it’s snowing, and I don’t do snow well. sigh.
    Looking forward to what everyone shares. Thanks Julie and Jodie for all that you’re doing! Jennifer M

  • LGCS

    If I must pick our families favorite shelf stable meal it would be canned chili over white rice with saltine crackers on the side. My husband prefers store bought chili. I prefer my own homemade chili that I canned. Second would be Campbell’s Chunky Old Fashioned Vegetable Beef soup heated & served over hot white rice. I am now looking for recipes for Dinner in the Jar using my own dehydrated vegetables. Any one have any?

    • Ceramicsanta

      Your homemade chili that you canned sounds great. Canned chili has gotten so expensive for just a small 15 oz can. I use it as an ingredient in a lot of my recipes, and I often need more than one can. How do you can your homemade chili? I would love to know how to do this and please include the recipe for the chili also. Thanks.

  • Brchbell

    Well I’m a little confused but doesn’t take much to get me there these days! Do you want recipes of things you just dump out and heat over the Sterno can cooker or do you want recipes for things off your pantry shelf you can cook up on the camp stove? We live off food storage 90% of the time. it’s just so easy to live that way and keep everything rotated. When I shop once a month I’m buying what we’ve used and it will be consumed a year later hopefully. 2 kids lost jobs last month and moved back home and I just pulled the next container of peanut butter and the date it got put in was 8/10. Went through and checked and it really was the next one so we knew we needed to buy more of that because someone seems to be living on it now!

  • An American Woman

    So far most web sites I have gone to—-many of them want us (to buy) their recipe booklet. With many of us are NOW having VERY rough times- due to the TANKED economy that’s just NOT feasible.

    I think the idea here (is to spread the word)— and share recipes we can USE without all of us (having to buy) another expensive cook book.

    So I think 200 (free recipes) using our food storage is a Awesome Idea! 🙂 Keep up the great work.

  • Thanks for the tip, we’ll have to check it out!

  • Treebabys

    Oh and for Liberty Roll who wondered how to heat a house without gas and electric you should do a google search for pop can heater or pop can solar heater. There was this awesome utube video on how to heat your house and apparently it can get really hot.

    • Thanks I will do that since I live in the NE and it I have no idea how we would ever keep our house warm especially if our natural gas goes. We have a Generac generator now, but I always worry about the gas lines getting shut down.

  • Treebabys

    For those of us still in the beginning stages would you mind explaining what shelf stable means. I think I know, but a bit of clarifying would be awesome. Thanks

    • moving23mos


      Shelf Stable means food that does not need refrigeration…what I call pantry foods. So, replacing milk and fresh cheese with dry milk and freeze dried cheese with your can of tuna, cream of mushroom soup, and pasta for tuna casserole is an example of a shelf stable recipe. Crackers and Progresso soups (they don’t need any water), and canned fruit is a shelf stable meal.

      • Exactly right. It’s good to think about how you would cook these meals if there was no power, but the main idea is to just accumulate recipes that don’t depend on refrigeration for long term storage.

  • Awesome! Now if we can just figure out how to heat the house without gas and electric….. I have no wood burning stove.

    • Jennifer M

      Liberty Roll – I use the Mr. Heater propane heater to heat my house. Although I heat with the big tank of propane normally, this little guy uses the small green propane bottles or can hook up to a 5 gal or bigger propane tank. There are two sizes and can moved from room to room which is what I do. Only heat the room I’m in when it’s that cold. Proper ventilation, etc. The heaters are made for INDOOR use. Been using mine for about 4 years now, no problems. I close off all the rooms I dont need – that keeps the heat in the room you are in.

      • MC

        Could you elaborate on the “proper ventilation”? I’ve been interested in these heaters, but have no ventilation in most rooms, other than opening a window which would probably defeat the purpose of the heater. Thanks for any insights.

  • Cdsand

    I’m not sure I know just what you are looking for. Do you mean recipies that require no cooking? Or can we use alternative methods to cook food. Or ??
    I can use my dutchoven and cast iron skillets on my fire place or wood stove and just go right on like nothing has canged. Also have plenty of propane and charcoal stored to cook with for months.

    • Recipes made of all ingredients that do not require refrigeration. You can assume that you can cook them either with traditional means or powerless sources.

  • April in Maryland

    For powerless recipes, try the book The Storm Gourmet, by Daphne Nikolopoulos. Unfortunately the book is premised on post-hurricane Florida, so the food is definitly tropical. However, she has shopping lists and recipes for a 5-day outage and a 14-day outage, all of it from shelf stable canned or dried food. She also has a chart of how long to keep food without refrigeration.

    NICE TIP: If you hear on TV that there’s going to be a big storm where you may lose power, IMMEDIATELY fill your freezer with unopened water bottles, so that they freeze before the storm hits. If the power does go out, you’ll have your own freezer ice so you don’t have to run find ice. Also, in hot situation (post-hurricane, no A/C), you can drink the ice water to cool down.


  • Georgina

    Thats such a wonderful idea – I’m excited to see all these new recipes!

  • Julene

    You guys need to check out the book “100 Day Pantry” by Jan Jackson ( They are wonderful, and yummy recipes that only use shelf stable items. I have LOVED ALL the recipes that I have tried from her book!!!!

  • Sandy

    are you looking just for dinner/lunch type meals, or deserts/treats etc also?

  • Nd_junk

    What a great idea! DO we have to sign up or will you send to your regular email subscribers?

    • The recipes will be posted on the blog once a week. The PDF file will be given as a binder update if you have purchased a binder ebook, and to those who submit recipes for the project.

      • Brenda

        So those of us who are getting you free babysteps won’t get the recipes?

  • only 100 posts not 104? that’s a full year 104! j/k. there’s always the holidays when we can’t do that.

  • only 100 posts not 104? that’s a full year 104! j/k. there’s always the holidays when we can’t do that.

  • only 100 posts not 104? that’s a full year 104! j/k. there’s always the holidays when we can’t do that.

  • only 100 posts not 104? that’s a full year 104! j/k. there’s always the holidays when we can’t do that.

  • Amanda

    You should check out 100 Day Pantry by Jan Jackson. Lots of recipes and they are all made from your pantry materials with no extra water needed. All liquids come from your canned goods! You can check it out here:

    Love all the things you do here! You’re fabulous!

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