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When we first started our Food Storage Journey, we were scared of planning our whole Food Storage around Shelf Stable Items. We believe there are so many great reasons to have Food Storage, and we were focusing on preparing for situations in which we would still have power first (BabySteps right?). Well it’s been a couple years, and now we’re feeling ready to tackle this issue. We have begun to tackle powerless cooking, but now we are stuck without many pure Shelf Stable Recipes. Our goal is to post a new Shelf Stable Recipe EVERY SATURDAY for TWO YEARS! Well – this is where you all come in. We figure why not share and do this together!

Once we reach 100 recipes we’ll be adding them to our Food Storage Made Easy Binder and sending a pdf of the recipes to each reader who has submitted one as well. We’ll also be posting one of the submitted recipes each week for the next 100 weeks every SATURDAY!

So get involved in the fun and submit your recipe today!

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