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Remember: Anyone that submits a recipe that we end up using for this series will receive a complimentary copy of the updated Recipe Appendix we will be adding to our eBook Binder.
*See Commonly Asked Questions below the form

Recipe Submission Form

We are no longer accepting submissions. Thank you for all of the great contributions. Make sure to check the blog every Saturday to see all of the great Shelf Stable Recipes!

Commonly Asked Questions

What type of recipes will be accepted?
We are looking for recipes that utilize long term food storage items and/or contain all ingredients that do not require refrigeration. We hope to have a variety of meal types.

How will I know if my recipe will be included?
Once we have reached 100 recipes that meet the criteria and provide good variety we will send out a notice to those we are using. If you don’t hear from us your recipe won’t be used.

What will you do with my recipe?
We will be featuring one shelf stable recipe per week on the blog for 100 weeks (2 years!) We will also be putting them together into a pdf file to be added to the Recipe Appendix of the Food Storage Made Easy Binder eBook. Anyone who purchased a binder will receive this as part of the free updates for life.

We hope you are as excited about this project as we are!

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