Valentine’s Day and Food Storage 2011…aka Jodi’s HOT DATE!

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Valentines day is kind of a funny/touchy subject around Julie’s house. Julie and her husband celebrate Christmas, New Years (the day they met…aww how sweet), BOTH birthdays, their wedding anniversary, AND then Valentine’s Day, all within 6-7 weeks. Needless to say by the time Valentines day rolls around, Julie and her husband are STARVED for creative ideas. Some years Valentine’s Day goes uncelebrated due to sheer celebration exhaustion. Jodi had a great idea for this year that Julie might just modify a little …


This year Jodi decided that instead of “encouraging” her husband to buy her chocolate and flowers … and to bring her to a restaurant (where the line up will be entirely too long), she would suggest something a little different. Jodi’s husband really likes camping, and Jodi has been eyeing some Emergency Preparedness supplies that could double as camping gear (i.e. Dutch ovens, cooking fuels, etc.).

So her plan is for them to get a babysitter, make a shopping list together, and spend the evening at a local camping store stocking up. You know you’ve really gone off the deep-end when this sounds romantic – but hey – it is what it is. They’ll be able to spend some quality time together, spend money on useful items instead of fluff, and become more prepared all at the same time. Needless to say, her husband was excited that he “got off the hook” on gift-giving, AND he gets new camping supplies. It’s a win-win 🙂


In case you already have reservations at your favorite restaurant, or a date already planned, here are a couple gift ideas that could be really thoughtful, and wont stick to your hips – the way chocolate and candy tend to.

OFFICE KIT: Here’s a fun little idea you can make for a loved one that works in an office. We forget that we may not be in our homes when disaster strikes- and it’s a good idea to be prepared at the office. Click here for instructions on building an Office Disaster Kit (it includes cute little tags).
CAR KIT: You never know when you could be stranded in a car and need a car kit. How sweet would it be, if you checked out your loved one’s car, and made sure they were completely prepared. For more info on what you can store in your car, visit this page.
MORE IDEAS: Although we realize it’s not Christmas, the 12 Days of Christmas is full of fun gift ideas that fit any budget (even NO budget). Make sure you check it out for some great ideas.

We encourage you to remember Food Storage and Preparedness when it comes to gifts. It’s such an important thing to remember, and while it might not seem all that glamorous – it’s definitely among the most thoughtful things you can give.

  • Susan Parker Hall

    I read your valentine post, with the office kit last year and loved it so much I made one for my hubby who works in a hospital. He has used it twice! Once, during an ice storm (he was caught at work) and recently when his father suffered from a major heart attack. He was able to spend three nights with him without the stress of needing anything from home. They have also had electrical outages due to weather and all the cash registers go out in the cafes. He can use his stash of coins, ones and fives for meals.
    Thank you for suggesting something that is very simple and cheap to put together but priceless when needed.

    • Thank you for sharing this! I just posted a copy of your comment to our facebook page to encourage others to do something similar. What a good wife you are 🙂

  • guest

    What a wonderful idea! There is NOTHING more romantic than sharing an experience that is meaningful to both of you. 🙂

    One note – the link to the Office Kit links right back to this same post. I was able to find it by searching the site (and LOVE it!), but thought you’d like to know.

  • Karen

    I prepped a car kit for my DH. Thank you for the idea!!!

  • palmbay lou

    The last two years my wife and I have taken advantage of Black Friday sales at Christmas time and we’ve made out big buying a gas grill, jump start boxes for both cars and much more, all at least 30 percent off. I remember standing at the entrance of World Market and waiting for coupons for food and wine (necessary teotwaki supplies 😉 while others grumbled about items on their Christmas gift lists. We both saw the twisted humor in it. We are prepping and others are going through the motions as if nothing in their lives was any different.

  • DBF is out of town for Valentines day, but our 10 month anniversary is on the 16th and he’ll be back in town. So we are doing dinner at one of the restaurants that we had one of our first dates at, and then spending time at home with the pups! DBF would probably much prefer some camping gear, but maybe we will save that for next Valentines day!

  • J-newbie

    Really like Npp1966’s variation :-). If you can’t stretch romance quite that far, maybe stop afterwards at a nice cafe (aka “jazzier” type of coffee shop) for coffee and a decadent [chocolate?] dessert!

  • Daredevil229

    Sounds great! My hubby and I did the exact same thing for Christmas!! We got the first babysitter of the year and went shopping for preparedness items. We were joking about how romantic we were, lol.

  • Npp1966

    Ahhh, now what would be even funner is to get all that camping stuff together, drop the kids at grandmas for the weekend and go camping. Star at some stars and snuggle in the sleeping bag. :>)

    • I told him maybe we could set up the tent in the family room after the kids go to bed. hehe. Kind of silly but you do what you have to when you are a parent 🙂

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