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Welcome to “Tax Refund” Week! We are often asked the question “How do I get my Food Storage all in one shot?” … or “I got money for a gift- what should I buy?”… With it being Tax Refund season, we get these questions even more. What better way to spend some potential “extra” money then on becoming more prepared! This week, we will be providing you with some planning tips to know how to find the holes in your food storage, and how to fill them.

In our experience, we’ve found that when we have come upon extra money in the budget, it’s our long term food storage we put our focus and energy into. Purchasing food for your three month supply and non-food items is best to do throughout the year by purchasing things on sale bit by bit. Because of that, we will spend the week talking about Long Term Food Storage, Emergency Food Storage, and Appliances – things you don’t necessarily buy in your regular weekly grocery shop.

Tuesday: Long Term Food Storage Part 1 – Assessing and Making a Plan
Wednesday: Long Term Food Storage Part 2 – Buying Your Food
Thursday: “Emergency” Foods
Friday: Food Storage Appliances

We’re excited to bring you this series, and hope it help those of you who have been wondering how to get a big chunk of your storage done all at once. This will be especially helpful to those of you who don’t have the benefit of being able to run and buy wheat at Wal-Mart whenever you want. (We know we are spoiled here in Utah). And if you actually don’t GET a tax refund, just bookmark this series and come back to it next time some “bonus money” appears!

  • Guess this means I should get busy and get our taxes done. 🙂

  • Perfect timing! We are getting our return on Friday and this is exactly what it’s going towards!

  • Jredmann

    We will be spending on Tax return on a heat pump. But we have been spending part of our pay checks on bigger items. Canning and quilting are our plans for this year. maybe a generator.

  • My water, 3-month, and non-food items are in good supply. It is the big items I still need to accumulate. I look forward to these posts. Unfortunately my tax refund went to car repairs.

    • Grandma Lori

      Melody, I always HATE car repairs, then my mom pipes up with “car repairs just mean you have a car, so be grateful.” Hope this inspires you to “love” your car repairs a little bit! Congratulations on your water, 3-month, and non-food accomplishments.

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