Emergency Foods

Welcome back to “Tax Refund Week” where we’re sharing with you how to get big chunks of your Food Storage built, if you happen upon big chunks of change. Today we’re showing you how you can use some of your budget to spend money on “Emergency Foods”.

Have we ever told you about when we started this blog? Here’s the short story – Julie felt very prompted to start growing her food storage. Jodi said – well if you feel prompted, maybe I should to. They made a plan to build their food storages. Jodi said, why don’t we blog about our journey. Julie said- Fine. The end.

Well when Jodi’s dad (Grandpa Stan) heard about all this he said to Grandma Lori – why don’t we get some of that Food Storage you just add water to for all the married kids for Christmas? After all, Grandpa Stan couldn’t understand why we were going through all this trouble working on our Food Storages when you can just buy it. So we got Food Storage pre-made meals for Christmas – we accepted them, we hid them in our basement- considered them as cheating, and kept blogging.

Well then we did the 7 day challenge- where we pretended we needed to cook some of our foods without power- and guess what- those meals were lifesavers. While we felt that our food storage plans for job loss, economic crisis, and even natural disaster in some circumstances was up to par- we realized that there is a a great advantage to pre-made, just add water food storage.

Emergency Foods

We’re referring to Emergency Foods as the types of foods that you can buy, pre-made meals, just add water with shelf lives of about 25 years. We firmly believe in “typical” Food Storage, however we recognize the need for this type of food, and are happy to have it a part of our own Food Storage plans for situations where just adding water to a meal may be necessary. We also recognize that some people just don’t have the time to dedicate to building a regular food storage and this is an alternative that works as a replacement, or supplement. We know when we were working moms – the thought of getting dinner on the table nightly was hard enough – yet alone planning months of meals!

So let’s get to the point. There are many companies that offer this type of Food Storage. One of them is Wise Food Storage. To learn more about Wise Food Storage, and to purchase at the lowest price available, click here.

Don’t Forget to Store …

While you’re spending your “extra money” on emergency foods it’s also important to stock up on the water and fuel necessary to cook with those foods.

Emergency Water

Make sure you plan to store enough water to reconstitute the food, it might be slightly more than your regular water storage. Plan for 1 cup per serving. We love these stackable Water Storage Box Kits.
  Emergency Fuel

For each meal you will need to be able to boil water to add the food to. Make sure you store enough fuel to be able to cook your food. We love Insta-Fire for a quick and easy fuel source that stores well long term.

  • No matter why you want to know about food storage facts, you should know the proper techniques in the storage process, as well as types of food that are more easily stored.

  • Nikki

    In one of your videos you indicate that you will be storing three 5-gallon buckets of istafire. How much charcoal are you going to be storing and how is charcoal to store. I am just new to dutch oven and am learning a lot, but I have no idea how much charcoal is needed for meals and what the restrictions are for storage. Can you please give me some insight?? Thanks!

  • Nikkade

    Check out other companies for gluten free meals. They are out there. I can’t give you the link sorry. Hint, the company is listed on this website.

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  • Guest

    I think the “Just Add Water” meals have a place in food storage and are great, but… I just visited the Wise Food website and looked at their nutrition labels. Most of their meals contain trans fats. 1.5 – 3 grams per serving. That’s a lot! The reccommended daily intake is under 2 grams of trans fats for adults. There must be other brands of dehydrated and freeze dried meals out there that don’t contain it.

  • hoboknitter

    google on the web. i guess i am not allowed to give the link. there are some great dehydrated meal sources available….free how-to’s and recipes, some very kid-friendly ones.

  • hoboknitter

    dehydrated just-add-water-meals usually don’t have the same shelf-life as freeze dried meals.

  • Jackie

    I just found that company on Facebook and the great news is that they will ship to Canada! I found it’s so difficult store a lot of foods that are common in Utah (ie: powered eggs) because they won’t ship across the border. My food storage would be so much yummier with powdered eggs, sour cream and now the freeze dried cheese from Thrive, but they can’t ship them out of country.

    I’m looking at getting a sample pack of Wise Food Storage dinners to try out for my 72hr kits. They sound and look really good, but I want to try out a small pack first to see if my kids would eat it before investing in it.

  • Pandora_Robin

    Has anyone consider making their own “Just Add Water” meals? I have 3 boys under seven and noticed I have a lot of convenience foods that are this way. I got thinking about figuring out how to make them myself to save money and eat a little healthier. Couldn’t you dehydrate the ingredients and vacuum seal them then add boiling water when you are ready to eat? A dehydrator and a vacuum sealer are still on my wish list so it may be a little longer before I get a chance to try.

  • Susanwrwk

    I would LOVE to have some “just add water” meals to add to my emergency store. However, WHEN will someone realize that we need some GLUTEN FREE items, too!!!! We could probably eat a couple (ie beans and rice) but we need to see the ingredients listed on the website first!!!!!

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