10 Reasons You Might NOT LOVE Food Storage

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For some people food storage, preparedness, and self reliance is a hobby. They literally ENJOY it all: planning, purchasing, cooking, canning, dehydrating, dutch oven cooking.

For others, they do it because they feel it’s important, but don’t get a lot of pleasure out of the process. Hey, if that’s you, don’t worry– it’s NORMAL! Today we want to talk to all of YOU who may not get giddy over Food Storage and let you know – you’re not alone. We recently asked our Facebook friends what things they didn’t love about Food Storage, and here were some of the most common reasons.

Top 10 Reasons You Might NOT LOVE Food Storage

1. You don’t have enough space to store it all

2. You don’t have the money to buy it all when you want to

3. You are worried that some day you might actually have to eat it

4. You are too busy to be cooking from scratch all day long

5. You are overwhelmed by everything you have to learn, buy, and do

6. You don’t have a good way to rotate so you throw away food

7. Appliances necessary to cook with your food storage can be pricey

8. Preserving your own foods is too time-consuming, expensive, and boring

9. Your family mocks you or doesn’t understand the value of what you are doing

10. It is a pain to haul all the food in and put it away when you buy big loads

If any of these things sound familiar to you … believe us, WE’VE BEEN THERE! You may end up getting more joy out of doing food storage down the road … but if not, it’s OK! You are doing the right things to take care of your family and it’s fine if you don’t love every minute of it. (Just like cleaning toilets or making kids do their piano practicing).

We put together a little pep talk for a Food Storage Fair we had last year that talks about some common road blocks to starting your food storage, and strategies to overcome them. Take a look and hopefully it helps you to “LOVE” Food Storage just a little bit more 🙂

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