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We had a great time this weekend at the Food Storage Fair in Ogden – yes yes, we know – why don’t they do these things EVERYWHERE? We were asked to be presenters and we had a vendor booth to sell our eBooks (that we put on Disc for shows and expos) and WonderMills. It was so much fun and we LOVED the enthusiasm everyone there had for Food Storage. The only drawback of the event was that while we were manning our booth, we couldn’t go to all the excellent classes. BUT luckily some of our favorite readers were there and we’re going to work on convincing them to share (hint hint Becky -making mozzarella cheese out of powdered milk….)


Our class was for people who were “Getting Started”. We were happy that was our topic because we by no means feel like experts. We’re just sharing what we do with our Food Storage in our own experience. We thought since everyone couldn’t be there, we would share our slideshow notes with you… We really ought to make each one of these slides its own post, but for now you’ll have to just enjoy the cliff notes version.

So here goes it – this was our


This is where we introduced ourselves and told people how we got started.

For this slide, we made a little disclaimer – while we live and sleep food storage, we’re not total experts – but what we are good at, is helping people get started and excited about their food storage.

Here we talked about all the SCARY food storage words that paralyzed us when we first got started.

We weren’t afraid to show where we were 2 years ago, so the audience could see we really have come a LONG way.

This is where we started talking about the common stumbling blocks. The first stumbling block is having NO IDEA where to start. Our checklists solve that problem.

The NO SPACE excuse is so OLD! We solved this a long time ago with the help or our readers in our “Small Storage Spaces Solutions” post and handout

No Time? No problem. Use food storage as a time-saver and cook things ahead of time like pizza pockets and pre-made smoothie mixes

No Money- No problem. Jodi shared a lot of her lessons learned about how people with small budgets can use food storage to SAVE money.

Now we get into the “Strategies” – Sometimes you just have to snap and get something done. Pick a day each month to work on things.

Recommit… If you fall off the Food Storage train, remember you can always come back on and work little by little.

If at first you don’t succeed- try try again. Like Julie tried again and again to finally fall in love with beans.

Ever think getting things done with kids around is too hard- plan on things taking an extra 15-20 minutes and involve them. You’ll make great memories and teach great lessons.

Like Jodi and Julie, get a friend to try all the new and exciting things in the world of Food Storage. Messing up is so much more fun when you have someone to laugh with.

Make a plan, and use our ebook binder to help you stay organized!

We really had so much fun and met some cool companies and vendors at the fair. We’ll be reviewing some of Peggy Layton’s books, along with Emergency Food in a Nutshell by Leslie Probert and Lisa Harkness. We felt so excited and honored to meet these Food Storage experts.

We also met companies who have all sorts of different types of foods we want to learn more about. We also saw some cool solar ovens/ battery packs we’ll be researching.

Jodi also will probably dedicate an entire post to the lady selling honey of all sorts of varieties and flavors, while Julie tells you how much she drooled over some awesome storage containers – but alas this post is TOO LONG!

See you soon,

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