We’re so excited to invite you to our April Surprise Party. If you know Jodi well (or her mom, Grandma Lori, for that matter), you know that keeping secrets is HARD to do. For the past few months, we’ve been secretly planning to bring to you 3 surprises in April. If you are signed up for our BabyStep Checklists, you should have gotten your invitation yesterday. In case you didn’t, here it is:

So why are we throwing this Surprise Party for you? We’ve been wanting to thank our readers for being so awesome these past 3 years. You all give us such great encouragement, feedback, and support all the time. So many of you have supported us through shopping through our links, purchasing our ebook, and sharing our site with your friends. We have enjoyed learning from you, and getting to know you all better through facebook, blog comments, and emails. We thought of doing a HUGE giveaway, but the problem with that is only a handful of you would win.

So, we decided to spend the month putting a few things together for all of you. These are things we’ve been wanting to put together for quite awhile, but we have been so busy with our regular posting schedule that we haven’t been able to fit it all in. By doing A SURPRISE each week, we can bring you these things, in lieu of our regular posting schedule.

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  • yeah my birthday this month !!

  • Kruchome

    I loooove parrrrtays! Let’s get this thang go-ing!!!!

  • I like surprises ♥

  • Dianne Pabst

    I can keep secrets, but no one can keep a secret from me! haha

  • Grandma Lori

    HEY – I can keep secrets! All the secrets I’m keeping are ones you don’t know about! JK. I’m secret-keeping impaired. This April surprise party has me very excited. I’m also excited about the freeze-dried fruits and cheese that you let me try. I like it! I’m planning to put little baggies of that in the “snack drawer” instead of fruit snacks and sweets. Hope the grandkids and Jr. High friends don’t mind too much.

  • JennLewis

    Awesome, cuz April is my Birthday Month! I sure hope I win something!

  • JennLewis

    Awesome, cuz April is my Birthday Month! I sure hope I win something!

  • janice brockett

    whoo hoo

  • Psmith23

    Lat the fun begin!

  • Meredith

    Oh Goody! I love surpirses!

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