How NOT to ruin your rice (aka Jodi’s First Powerless Cooking Adventure)

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You may or may not remember that I used to have a little bit of a rice problem. I could NOT get it to cook right without using a rice cooker. Julie tried to teach me here, but I still failed until I got a pressure cooker. Oh how I love my pressure cooker! Well the problem with both my rice cooker AND my pressure cooker is they are ELECTRIC.

So … for my FIRST powerless cooking adventure this summer I decided to tackle my rice problem. Watch my little video below, and then scroll down to learn more about our Sun Oven SALE that ends June 21st and our exciting SUN OVEN GIVEAWAY.

Powerless Cooking: RICE in a Sun Oven

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Global Sun Oven GIVEAWAY

Hopefully by now you have seen the intensive Powerless Cooking Online Class that we put out last week. We are hoping to share that information with as many people as we can. So we are offering a FREE SUN OVEN to one lucky person who helps us by sharing a link to the class on their facebook page. View the details on how to enter at this link. (Please note, you need to “like” our page in order to leave a comment on the post to enter)

Are YOU joining in our Summer Cooking Adventures???

If you have cooked something without electricity in the last week, please leave a comment here or on facebook, and/or upload a photo or video of YOUR OWN adventure. We would love to see your adventures and learn from all of you too!

  • Sara

    Jodi, the rice cooked in the Sun Oven looked fabulous. How long did it end up taking before the rice was finished? On another note, when I ordered my Sun oven several months ago, the sales lady said that it was untrue about the warning of not cooking in shiny pots and pans. They actually did not like the dark Pans as the food tended to burn in them. Since I have never used my Sun Oven, I frankly could not tell you what to use from experience. So, I thought I would just pass on that information. Thanks for the videos of the rice and the bread on your site.

  • April

    Just this week I had a powerless cooking adventure.  I made a cardboard box oven that I found in Dian Thomas’s book, Roughing It Easy 2 that I got from someone who was throwing the book away.  She has a lot of good ideas in there for making your own emergency or camping equipment for cheap.  It’s just a cardboard box lined with aluminum foil, using a flap of cardboard for the door.  It put rocks in the bottom, covered them with foil and placed hot charcoal biquettes on top.  Then I put a little rack that is actually a little portable stove that I had in my 72 hour kit.  I made a cake from scratch (food storage items 🙂 and placed it on the rack.  I cooked it for the amount of time I would have cooked it in my oven in my kitchen and it worked perfectly.  After cooking the cake, the briquettes were still hot so I got some fish fillets and vegetables from my freezer and put them in a pan on the rack and cooked me some lunch, again for the same amount of time I would in my oven.  After cooking my lunch, the temperature of the oven was still between 350 and 400 degrees so I closed the door to see what would happen.  It actually got up to 500 degrees at one point and stayed hot enough to cook in for probably about 4-5 hours!  I was amazed!

    • Paulfamily

      What size where the rocks?  Am I understanding correctly the rock where protecting the cardboard floor of the oven?   How did you keep door flap close?

  • Congratulations!! I’m looking forward to getting my own sun oven and trying it out.

  • TracyinSC

    Jodi, you’re so freaking cute. Well done.

  • Nancyperrone66

    I also had condensation build up on the lid as well as some water in the bottom of the sun oven when everything was done cooking. I contacted the Global people and they recommended putting a small thin stick in one corner of lid to slightly raise it. They said that this should not compromise the temp. overly much and should help eleminiate the water problem i was having. I haven’t tried this rememdy yet.

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