It’s hard to believe, but 3 years have passed since we started this blog. When we first started, the thought of powerless cooking paralyzed us. We felt so overwhelmed by gathering a food storage, we couldn’t face figuring out how to cook the foods without power too! We decided we would break the process of actually building our storage down into BabySteps, and THEN deal with powerless cooking later.

Well this year is the year we are really focusing on powerless cooking. If you’ve followed along, you know it’s one of our goals for 2011. We KNOW from our 7 day challenge that trying these things out and practicing them is SO valuable. So this summer we’re going to try cooking without power! We hope you’ll join us in this ADVENTURE. Learn more about it in the video below:

On Thursday, we’ll be posting an in depth look at powerless cooking. We will have an Online Powerless Cooking class full of instructional videos on cooking fuels, ovens, grills, make-your own tools and more. It will be a summation of the powerless cooking class we recently held here in Utah. There will be something for everyone, and every budget!

At this time, we also wanted to let you know about some of the products we are dealers for. These are some of the products we will be using in our ADVENTURES. By being dealers we can get you the lowest prices out there. We have FREE SHIPPING on all of these products right now because we want to make it easier for you to get these products and join in the adventure with us. You can learn about, and purchase, any of the following products through our site for the lowest prices available online by clicking the links below.


We’re going to be discussing our adventures a little bit here on the blog, and a lot on Facebook as well as uploading all of our experiences to YouTube. We love the interaction and lessons we learn from readers on Facebook. We’re so excited to learn… We may also be using this as a way to FORCE ourselves into tackling these topics- just MAYBE…

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    MAYBE what???