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Today we want to introduce you to a cool way to connect with us and see some content that is NOT available on the blog. (Remember on Thursday Julie hinted that the rest of our Summer Powerless Cooking Adventures will mostly only be posted on YouTube and Facebook?)

You may have noticed that the videos we embed on our website are hosted by YouTube. This is a way that is easy for us to get videos online for our blog, but it’s also a whole little community over there. If you are already have a YouTube account, we would love it if you would subscribe to our channel, check out more of our videos, and become our “friend”.

Visit our channel

If you don’t have a YouTube account, here are the benefits of getting an account and subscribing to our channel:

  • Get instant notification when we upload new videos
  • View ALL videos we create, even if we never post them on the blog
  • Leave comments on our channel and/or individual videos
  • Become “friends” on YouTube in order to better interact with each other
  • Upload your own videos and share them with us and our other subscribers
  • Leave feedback (thumbs up or down) to let us know if you like a video or not
  • “Share” your favorite videos via email, Facebook, Twitter
  • Keep track of all your favorite YouTube videos and channels all in one place

I made a quick little tutorial video to show you some of the features of our YouTube channel (to make sure you don’t miss out on any of our great stuff). Then after that I walk you through the process of how to register for a YouTube account and give a little but of guidance on how to start taking advantage of the benefits mentioned above.

Want to check out some of our videos?

We have organized our videos into categories or “playlists” to make it easier to find the content you are looking for. Check out some of these great topics that we cover over on YouTube. You don’t have to subscribe to view and enjoy the videos 🙂

Hopefully this is helpful to you and we hope to see many of you around on YouTube and see what you are up to with your food storage, summer cooking adventures, gardening, and more!

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