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Being prepared for our pets is something that we haven’t covered much on the blog, but it is VERY important as many of us feel like pets are part of the family and/or they can also provide needed food in emergencies (i.e. eggs, milk, meat, etc.) We have received a number of helpful tips and links from our readers and we have compiled them here so you can start thinking about and planning for your pets.

Pets and Preparedness

Disaster Kit Ideas For Cats/Dogs

-1 gallon of water
-1 plastic gallon jug filled with dry food
-1 12 pack box of wet food packets
-1 small bag of treats
-Small litterbox (for cats)
-Litter scoop (for cats) or pooper scooper shovel (for dogs)
-Plastic gallon jug filled with kitty litter (for cats)
-Small plastic trash bags for scooped waste disposal
-Mini pet first aid kit
-Vaccination/vet records
-Color photo of cat/dog
-Extra collar w/contact info
-Leash and harness
-Carrying container (optional)

Free Handouts

Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies Makes Sense. Get Ready Now.
Trifold Brochure or 2-sided handout

From American Veterany Medical Association
Saving the Whole Family – Disaster Preparation
(14 page brochure, includes info on regular housepets, livestock, and other non-traditional pets)

Helpful Links

American Humane Society – Preparation for Pets and Livestock
FEMA – Disaster Information for Pet Owners
Reader Submission – Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Do you have any other links or tips to share for prepping for your pets? We’d be happy to add them to this list if you post them in the comments!

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Pets and Preparedness

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