15 Creative Ways to Use Sprouts

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Have we ever mentioned how AWESOME our Facebook friends are. This is something that one of our great readers, Linda shared on facebook. We asked her if we could make this into a post so all could see. Thank you SO much LINDA! She got these tips for how to use sprouts from a garden info card set she bought years ago.


15 Creative Ways to Use Sprouts

1. Stir fry mung bean sprouts in sesame oil with mushrooms scallions grated ginger and soy sauce

2. Blend garbanzo bean sprouts lemon juice minced garlic olive oil salt and pepper into a thick paste chill and serve on crackers for a healthy snack

3. Combine soy bean sprouts fresh corn kernels and sliced red onions with an oil and vinegar dressing for a lively salad

4. Save the water the sprouts initially soaked in for a nutritious soup base to mix with fruit juices or for watering house plants

5. Make a wonderful sandwich with peanut butter and alfalfa sprouts

6. Replace wild rice with rye sprouts in soups and rice combinations

7. Chopped raw lentil sprouts give a peppery taste to cream cheese for a cocktail spread

8. Combine raw mung bean sprouts with raisins apple and tomato slices avocado and cucumber chunks toss with a salad dressing

9. Wheat sprouts bananas wheat germ honey and milk blended make a quick high energy drink

10. Add alfalfa sprouts to scrambled eggs just before serving

11. Chopped meats stretch further if you add fresh soybean sprouts and it really tastes even better with them added!

12. Stir fresh pea sprouts into a canned tomato soup for for extra vitamins and flavor. The kids will never know they had their veggies.

13. Mix tuna-fish with fresh sprouts sliced apples chopped mushrooms lemon juice salt and pepper for an exciting low cal lunch

14. Keep sprouts on hand and add them when ever you add herbs and spices to soups, main dishes and sauces

15. You can always add sprouts to sandwiches instead of lettuce , and on top of a salad to pick it up with spicy flavors such as mustard, radish, or a spicy sprout mix. Have fun and experiment. The flavor in a sprout is concentrated so use a small amount first then add more.

If sprouting is new to you, make sure to check out our SPROUTING PAGE!

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