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The Ultimate Preparedness Planner

Remember when Jodi and I went to the Self Reliance expo a few weeks ago. We told you a little about it here. Well I wasn’t expecting to fall in love at a Self Reliance Expo… but as you will see in this video… I DID!

In our Emergency Binder post we talk about how important it is to have your documents safe and ready to grab and go in case of an evacuation. I had been meaning to put my binder into a better binder and get special sheet protectors ever since our 7 Day Challenge this year. Well I somehow kept procrastinating the job and when I saw this Prepare My Life Planner I was so thrilled because Tami – the creator of the Planner thought of EVERYTHING I have ever thought of doing with my binder and MORE.

The binder I was using didn’t have a zipper OR a handles, so things would always fly out. With the important documents I had in there this always made me nervous. The Prepare My Life Planner has both a zipper and handle and is easy to carry around.
I had a nice set of tab dividers in my binder however, they didn’t extend PAST the documents. The documents were in sheet protectors which made them extend too far past these regular tabs and they were pretty much useless because of it. The tabs in the Prepare My Life Planner go well beyond all the sheet protectors and are logically labeled with the proper sections.
My passports seemed to make an escape every time I even looked at the binder. With the zipper sheet protectors, I don’t have to worry about this.
The cash I kept with my binder had no where to go, but since the Prepare My Life Planner has a sheet protector for EVERYTHING you can possibly think of, it now has a home.
Some more features I LOVE about my Prepare My Life Planner are:

  • Complete with Emergency Preparedness sections: Prepare My Family, Prepare My Home, Gather Supplies, Prepare to Evacuate, Prepare to Stay.
  • Also includes comprehensive sections on: Personal, Insurance, Financial, Assets, Final Planning.
  • Forms for you to fill out ALL your information that you can access and complete online as well, save to your hard drive, and print copies for loved ones.
  • Each section walks you through checklists of things you need to do, and things you need to place in your planner in the appropriate sheet protector. Each sheet protector is unique to the type of document you are storing.
  • Comes with emergency cards you can pass around, and pen

The Prepare My Life Planners retail at $169.95, and but we can get them for you for $119.95, and FREE SHIPPING. These make great gifts. I’m already planning on getting my parents this for Christmas. And I just might tell them, they ought to get one of these for each of my brothers and sisters for Christmas too.


The Ultimate Preparedness Planner

  • cheshercatmm

    Hi, ladies. I’m wondering about the “Prepare” section, and how much information is in there about food storage. Do you guys personally add additional food storage information in those sections?

    • It’s more of a crisis prepare section, it doesn’t contain a lot of long term food storage info. We have our book and recipe books for that. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Vanessa

    I just ordered this today and I’m wondering how long it takes to arrive in California?

  • Deanna

    How many people will this work for. We are a family of 8

    • Some of the personal information sections only have pages for 4 people, but when you buy the planner you get access to digital versions of all the papers so I just went and printed off enough for all my children. There were plenty of slots for social security cards, etc.

      • Deanna

        Thank you.

  • Years ago I bought a really heavy duty zippered binder with a handle for my portfolio. I still have this and don’t need the actual binder part, is there a special cost just for the “guts” part of this? My zippered binder was used for my interior design portfolio I took to client’s homes and it has room for a note pad in the back as well as business cards, a pen, tucked places in the front for papers and a calculator. If there is anyway I can just buy the guts please let me know. rhonda dot morin at gmail dot com. Thanks.

    • Rhonda, We asked the creator of the binder if she makes it available with just the guts and she said she only wants to sell it as the complete package. Sorry!

  • Susan B.

    Last year you had these binders on sale for Black Friday. Will you be having that same sale this year?

    • We will definitely try to work out a sale with them. Love the planners and LOVE the sale price 🙂

      • karla – Hawaii

        Any word on a sale price or is this the sale price now? THANKS!

        • Sale price will most likely be $119. We are confirming before we send out the email next week!

  • Bev

    Im from Edmonton, Alberta Canada and was wondering what the cost for shipping would be?

  • Dscott

    We have this Prepare My Life binder and it is great.  We have gone through and cleaned up all of our old papers and have now just kept the essientials in this binder.  One of the things that was most helpful was the tips on how long to keep each kind of record.  This has not only helped us to keep our lives more organized, but has obviously prepared us to reaspond to any emergency or disaster. 

  • Joan

    Please tell me the size of rings on the binder. It looks like 1 inch rings. If that is so, it might be too small for what I need. I’m hoping they are 1 1/2 inch rings.

    • Joan, They are 1-1/2″ slant D ring binders. Thanks!

  • Sandy

    What would the shipping be to Australia?  Hoping to jump aboard the Black Friday Sale 🙂

    • Sandy, The cost would be an additional $45 that we would have to bill you for. We don’t make money off of shipping, that’s just what we are charged. If you place an order, you can leave us a note in the comments to send you an invoice for that amount and we will get the process started. Thanks!

  • beingjennifer

    Oh my! Is this still on sale for the discounted price? This is just what I need!

    • We always will keep it on sale versus retail pricing, but we are doing a BLACK FRIDAY sale for $20 more off! So wait until Friday and you can get it for $119!

      • Guest

        Darn it I would have saved $20 if I waited a week. : (

  • Frugalmom1

    I keep my emergency binder in a plastic bag and then inside a fireproof courier bag.  This affords my documents more protection in case of a house fire, leaky roof, storms etc.  It is still easy to grab if I have to evacuate.

  • Kim_clark1

    Are there any comments for review of the product available?  I would love to read some reviews from others who have already completed there planner prior to making my own purchase.  ~Kimberly. 

    • Kimberly,
      With the planner being so new, I haven’t seen any official reviews come out yet. We’ll send along any feedback our readers send us after they get them, or see if the creator has an reviews she has received

  • What these emergency cards are for?

  • VB

    I ordered and have your original download preparedness emergency kit paperwork, the one we are supposed to put into a pink binder…. is this different then that kit? Or is this that downloaded paperwork kit just put into a different binder? Sorry just a little confused. This kit looks great, but is it pretty much the same as the other kit you created?

    • The Food Storage Made Easy binder is a system for putting together your food storage. This Prepare My Life Planner kit is basically a deluxe version of your emergency binder which is what you use to put together all of your important documents in a grab and go container in case you have to leave in a hurry. It also contains tons of information about evacuations, preparedness, family plans, etc. If you watch the video it should show you more in depth exactly how you would use it. The FSME binder focuses on checklists that you use to learn about food storage and includes purchasing assignments, recipe ideas, etc.

  • Catheryn

    Do you reccommend everyone having a passport? 

    • If you ever think there’s any chance at all in needing it, I recommend getting one before you need it. It can take time to get one, and you may want to be ready ahead of time. You need one to go to even Mexico and Canada.

  • Jerimellor

    HELP!!!  I asked my husband if I could buy one of these for myself for Christmas.  He said yes so I ordered it an payed via Paypal.  Then he realized the sale was about to end, didn’t see the charge anywhere, so HE bought me one.  I know it is important to be prepared, but I really don’;t need TWO!!!    Can you please tell me what to do to get a refund for ONE of them…?  PLEASE???  Jeri

    • Jeri,
      We’ve emailed our contact… I think she should be able to get it in time before she sends 2 out and then we can process the refund no problem. You two were just a little too excited 🙂

  • That’s great; really various have we have very short time
    and we need to prepare in hurry; nice details and suggestions in this regard;
    all the very best.

  • Youngstarbuck

    I just ordered. It took me to paypal. Where do I enter my shipping info. Paypal has the wrong information. I corrected it but too late.

  • Youngstarbuck

    I just found your site for the first time. What a treat. Im ordering one today!

  • Grandma Lori

    I love this too. One thing I’ve been wondering lately, and have heard discussed, is that we need to provide our log-in ID and passwords to all of our financial accounts so that someone can get into them all if we are incapacitated or pass away. Does this binder have a place for that? How can we securely put that somewhere for someone? I hate to think of it being stolen, but it does need to be available.

  • Dna Beazer

    I LOVE THIS!!! I am trying to order, and would like to order more than 1, but can not figure out how to change the quantity. Can you please let me know how to do this. dna.beazer@hotmail.com thanks.

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