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First off we want to say thank you to everyone who participate in the 7 Day Challenge this year. It is everyone joining in and commenting and sharing their experiences that makes it such a great learning week for all of us. This year we were really “task-oriented” with the challenges to help people to be able to really DO each challenge, and to concentrate on a specific area of preparedness.

If you were following along with the challenge, whether actively participating or not, we hope that you filled out the report cards each day and the master game plan worksheet from Day 7. We did this last year and spent a year working on all of the areas we found we were lacking. We are looking forward to doing the same thing this year and encourage everyone else to join in with us!

To make it easier to come back to all of the challenges and great comments from everyone, we have summarized everything here for you so you can get to it in one place.

Day 1: Natural Disaster – “Sanitation Crisis”
Daily Challenge and Comments on Day 1
Facebook Discussion about Day 1
Day 1 In Depth Recap and Learnings

Day 2: Powerless Cooking – “Anniversary Dinner”
Daily Challenge and Comments on Day 2
Facebook Discussion about Day 2
Day 2 In Depth Recap and Learnings

Day 3: Evacuation – “Evacuate and Evaluate”
Daily Challenge and Comments on Day 3
Facebook Discussion about Day 3
Day 3 In Depth Recap and Learnings

Day 4: Be Prepared – “Getting Your Affairs in Order”
Daily Challenge and Comments on Day 4
Facebook Discussion about Day 4

Day 5: Economic Crisis – “No Money!”
Daily Challenge and Comments on Day 5
Facebook Discussion about Day 5

Day 6: Dietary Issues – “Gluten Free”
Daily Challenge and Comments on Day 6
Facebook Discussion about Day 6

Day 7: Natural Disaster – “Bread from Start to Finish”
Daily Challenge and Comments on Day 7
Facebook Discussion about Day 7

As a special bonus this year, we are going to be going over each of the day’s challenges in more depth once a week for the next 7 weeks. We’ll go over our learnings, some of our favorite comments from others, and go into more detail on things that you could do to be better prepared for that particular scenario in the future. We hope that will be a fun way for everyone to get even more out of the challenge!

  • gg

    Thank you so very much for all you do for those of us  who know and don’t do.  You are great

  • Sarah

    I signed up for the e-mail notification, but for some reason never got the e-mails! I didn’t even know the challenge had started until I checked my gmail reader. Not sure what went wrong!

    • Sarah,
      I’m so sorry- sometimes emails get sent to Junk? You can still read/play along as we do the recaps. I’m sorry again.

  • Dpalmer242

    Thank you Jodi and Julie.  These challenges made my husband and I work together and think about what could happen.  We learned alot and we look forward to a summary for each day.  I know one thing — our poor dog ran out of food and that’s very sad.  We will be making an effort to remedy that soon!

  • OutdoorsMom

    Looking forward to reading the recap, will there be an online survey sent out to the participants?  I would think that a survey would help you to pinpoint and then focus on problem areas 🙂

    Again, a big THANK YOU to Jodi and Julie for all their work on putting this week of challenges together.  It was very well organized, and it is great to have the report cards and master list to help better prepare for REAL future emergencies.

    I’ve spent a lot of time this past week reading through my Binder and better organizing my emergency supplies and food/water storage.  I highly recommend the binder to everyone who takes food storage and being prepared seriously, and I also highly recommend actually printing it out.  I had been keeping it on my computer until this week, and then printed it out after the “no electricity” day so that I can read it anytime, and it has been added to my pile of evacuation stuff where it is always easy to get at.

    Thanks again 🙂

  • Tadkins

    I learned so much fromthis challange.  Thanks ladies for all your time and effort to put this together. 

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