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As we promised on Saturday, today we will be introducing three new products throughout the day. These are all somewhat more advanced and expensive things that a lot of our readers have been looking into lately. If you are just getting started, PLEASE don’t feel overwhelmed or discouraged that you are not ready to think about these things or purchase them yet. Take it in BabySteps!

Advanced Preparedness Concepts

In BabyStep 2 we cover water storage. When you are just getting started, even going with the minimum of 14 gallons of storage per person can feel overwhelming. Many people start with just filling up juice and pop bottles as they acquire them, but over time gradually purchase better containers with more capacity.

After going through our 7 Day Challenge each year where we actually live through situations where we are using our stored water, we quickly realized that water storage is not a complete solution. For a long term emergency situation it is important to be able to collect and purify water. If you have to evacuate and can’t bring your water barrels with you, this is an important concept as well.

A few months ago, we asked our Facebook Readers what water filter/purification system they have/love/use. Overwhelmingly the response was BERKEY. We researched Berkey Purification Systems along with other filtration systems and kept feeling like we couldn’t quite get a grasp on what we wanted for ourselves or to recommend to our readers. When we went to the Self Reliance Expo last month we got to talk to a lot of knowledgeable people about water filters and purifiers. While we still don’t feel totally expert on everything, we do feel like Berkey is a product we want to own and want to help our readers get at the lowest prices possible.

Most filtration systems can get out the majority of bad stuff from your water, but to be really safe you would still need to either boil the water or use chemicals to purify it. Because of Berkey’s unique Black Berkey Purification Elements they are able to claim that their filter actually purifies the water as well as filtering it. This is great news if you want to avoid having to go through another process after you filter your water.

We worked out a dealer agreement with Berkey so that we can help our readers get the lowest prices possible (please contact us for special rates on orders of 2 or more units). We are excited to get our own Berkey filters and learn more about them and share on our blog even more information about water filtration, water purification, and some of the other options available to you.

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