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Disclaimer: Today’s new products are topics and tools you naturally get into eventually on your food storage journey, but we dont recommend you invest too much time or money in these if you don’t have the basics covered yet.

We knew it was going to be a FUN day when we walked into the Self Reliance Expo last month and Humless was the first stop we made. Humless is a Solar Powered Generator. Generators are something we have yet to dive into in depth because there are so many other aspects of food storage we have been working on first. When we started our blog we would say to each other, what good would a generator be if you had no food in your house to cook with?

Now that we’ve mastered a lot of the BabySteps, generators are a topic we are excited to learn more about. If you’re new to Food Storage, just ignore this, plug your ears, and close your eyes- don’t get intimidated, and start with the Babysteps!

Now on to the Humless. So one hang up we’ve had for a long time about generators is the need to store fuel to make them run. Fuel storage can be scary, expensive, and is often limited by local laws. Figuring out how much fuel you need, and then storing it felt like a big roadblock to us. Many generators are also very large and have to run outside because of the fumes. The Humless Sentinel is a silent, clean, safe, and portable lithium based generator, that runs off stored SOLAR energy. The concept is you charge it up in the sun (or by plugging it into a wall outlet) and then you can store the electricity for up to a year, so it’s ready to use in your home should the power go out for any reason.

There are two different units Humless sells. The Road Runner (lighter, more portable, charges small electronics) and the Sentinel (holds more power and can run bigger appliances). Each of these can charge via solar panels, wall outlets, or even a DC adapter in your car. After they are charged, they can power different appliances, and electronics for varying amounts of time.

What is the Humless:

How It Works:

We’re happy to be able to get these for you at the lowest prices possible. Visit our HUMLESS page for more info and to buy today.

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