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Storing water is one of the most important aspects of Emergency Preparedness. We recommend working on storing water at the very beginning of your journey, in BabyStep 2. There are many ways you can store water. Once you’ve stored as much water as you can, you can also look into filtration and purification options. If you’re on a limited budget, we recommended using juice containers, and soda containers so that you at least have something (don’t use milk jugs, they disintegrate).

Once you have a little more of a budget to work with you may like storing water in water boxes, and or barrels. After purchasing a few water barrels for ourselves, we asked on our Facebook page if people thought it would be wiser to store these barrels in the garage of the basement. Since we live in Utah, and earthquakes are a threat here, most people recommended storing it in a garage so you would have better access to it in case of an earthquake.

Another suggestion that came through our facebook page was water towers. We were sent a link to Trigen Manufacturing who made these water towers. In a perfect world, our husbands would have enough time to build these for us – but since that’s not happening anytime soon, we got some for ourselves. These are great space savers as opposed to having barrels lined up side by side, and allow for easier filling and draining. These shelves are not cheaply made, or going to break down on you after awhile. They are industrial parts and supplies and therefore will last as long as you need them to. Here’s a little peak into their 3 and 2 barrel towers.

see list below for discounts

The Triple Barrel Tower is Designed to vertically hold 3 blue 55 Gallon Barrels. This will allow you to have over 160 gallons of water that you know is clean and ready to use. The heavy-duty construction is made of high strength steel and is easy to assemble. It safely stores the barrels vertically which frees up valuable floor space for you. (Barrels Not Included) Dimensions: 6′ 8″ tall x 24.5″ wide x 36.5″ deep
The Double Barrel Tower is made with the same heavy duty steel as the Triple Barrel Tower but is designed to hold 2 barrels and so it fits into a shorter space. (Barrels Not Included) Dimensions: 4′ 8″ tall x 24.5″ wide x 36.5 ” deep

When you purchase the Barrel Towers with Trigen you also have the option to get the upgraded plumbing kit. This fully integrated option plumbs the barrels together so that only the top barrel needs to be filled and the water flushes down through to the bottom barrel. This allows for easier draining and rotating of the water. Kit contains all necessary hose, hose clams, fittings, ball joints, and threaded caps for each barrel to make assemble easy.

To order call: 801-997-0575. Make sure you mention Food Storage Made Easy when you order to get the following discounts:

  • $20 off the Triple Barrel Tower with Upgraded Plumbing kit
  • $10 off Triple Barrel Tower with Basic Plumbing Kit
  • $10 off the Double Barrel Tower with Upgraded Plumbing kit
  • $10 off the Double Barrel Tower with Basic Plumbing kit

Visit Trigen Manufacturing for pricing and full list of inclusions. To get the discount, make a phone order and mention Food Storage Made Easy.

Pick up your barrels here:

  • Marsha

    I see that Trigen has been consolidated with Ground Zero 3. Have you reviewed the Titan System? If so, which one would you recommend Trigen or Titan?

    • We prefer the Titan systems now after having experience with both. We are going to be posting about them later this month!

  • We actually are getting ready to do a review on the TItan Systems. The Trigen ones were good but people have had a very hard time getting hold of the company, and we have had some issues with leaking. The Titan ones seem great so far but we just barely got them installed.

  • Kevin

    A full barrel will weigh around 385 pounds. How is one suppose to get that up to the top tier?

    • You fill them once they are already in the tower.

    • You fill it once the barrel is already on the top shelf.

    • JBar595

      The price is a rip off.

  • Sam

    Can I purchase just the pluming pieces?

    • If you can get a hold of them I’m sure you could. THey seem to be difficult to reach these days!

  • MaryHelen

    FYI: Best price for the blue 55-gal barrels seems to be Emergency Essentials.  

  • Amcquade

    What’s the total height when assembled with a barrel in the top?  I need this to fit in a 82″ height room.

    • The height of the metal tower is 6 feet exactly. With the blue barrel on top…the height will be 6′ 8″ so that would
      break down into 80″. You will have 2 inches to spare once everything is assembled and the top barrel in place. Hope that helps!

    • The height of the metal tower is 6 feet exactly. With the blue barrel on top…the height will be 6′ 8″ so that would
      break down into 80″. You will have 2 inches to spare once everything is assembled and the top barrel in place. Hope that helps!

  • Kurlykarol

    I really must have this.

  • Nathan Blakesley

    What’s nice about the upgraded plumbing is that gravity will do all your pumping for you unlike the vertical barrel storage where you would need a pump to pull the water out for you. One less thing to break down, plus if you keep the top barrels full you’ll always have plenty of water pressure!

  • Rachelle Ludwinski

    This is a FABULOUS idea.  But I started wondering, how does that work with the water sanitization packs that came with my water barrels.

    My barrels are full with the sanitization stuff in them.  I doubt we could lift them onto the shelves, so we’d likely need to empty & refill them.  How would you add the right amount of the chemical?

    • Darin

      Great question…actually if you use the tower and rotate your water every 6 months (as recommended by experts) then your water will always be clean and sanitary.   Those sanitation packets are included because most people fill the 55 gallon barrels and realize they are HARD to empty and the water gets left in there for years.   The Towers make it EASY to rotate.   Even my wife could do it easy when she was pregnant.  Turn the faucet and your done!

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