Food Storage Tax Refund Week: Make the most of your “extra” money!

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Welcome to Tax Refund Week! We often get asked the question “I got some gift money, or I inherited some money – what would you recommend I purchase?”. Talk about a LOADED question. The answer always ends up being: “Well…. it depends”. This week, we are going to answer that question. There isn’t a universal answer for this, but by the end of the week, we’re confident you will have a good idea about what may be right for you – should you get a nice tax refund or other unexpected “extra” money!
Back to the answer always ends up being: “Well…it depends”. The reason it depends is because not everyone has the same diets, lifestyles, monthly budgets for Food Storage, and ability or desire to rotate their Food Storage. If you are in the habit of replenishing and using your three month supply, then maybe splurging on an appliance you’ve been waiting for is a good idea. If your budget is super tight, and you haven’t been able to put enough food away for your three month supply – perhaps the appliance can wait and it would be a good idea to stock up on your three month supply foods all at once. If you have no real intention of rotating your Food Storage, and you want to have “just in case” foods, then spending money on some “Just Add Water Meals” would be a good idea. We all have different styles and philosophies, so that’s why: “Well… it depends”.

Here’s a schedule for what we will be covering for the week. We obviously encourage taking advantage of sales, and building your food storage bit by bit, but sometimes it can be easy (and nice) to buy things all at once. Take a look at the topics and follow along as you make a game plan for your tax refund, or “extra” money. Feel free to bookmark or pin this post as we will be adding links to these topics throughout the week as we post them.

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