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There are hundreds (probably thousands) of Emergency Preparedness products available out there. Some products are critical to have, while others just make life easier. Below you will find a few of our hand chosen products we love for Emergency Preparedness. We started selling these items so that we could get our readers the best prices possible on them so that they can enjoy them too! In the last post in this series we’ll show you some of the products we love to use daily to cook with our Food Storage in our regular lives.

When determining what it is you need, we always recommend taking care of basics first. Take care of your 72 hour kits, your water storage, basic first aid, and sanitation supplies. After you have taken care of the basics (and have either saved up money or get a nice chunk of change) add to your supplies. If you follow our blog, you know we often try to teach you cheap or free solutions to tie you over in the mean time 🙂

A Few Of Our Top Picks!

Wondermill Jr:
In an extended emergency with no power, and pounds and pounds of wheat, you’ll need a good hand grinder to make use of your wheat. The Wonder Jr is a fantastic mill that can grind all sorts of grains and by simply swapping the stone heads for the stainless steel burr heads you can make delicious peanut butter or other nut butters, grind flax or any oily or wet grains, grind herbs and spices, and even coffee or soy beans.
All-American Sun Oven:
One of the things that really intimidated us about even getting started with food storage was the idea of powerless cooking. When we discovered Sun Ovens we were thrilled with the possibilities. Anything you can cook in a regular oven can be cooked in a Sun Oven and usually turns out even better! Without having to worry about storing a fuel source, Sun Ovens are the perfect tool for a long term powerless emergency.
InstaFire is a safe, simple, and versatile new fire starting product. It has water-repellant properties, a fifteen minute burn time and a thirty year shelf life. Use it to light campfires, prepare charcoal briquettes, or as a safe and reliable fuel source for cooking or heating in emergency situations. In an emergency you will most likely need to boil water, cook your food, and heat your shelter.
Fuel Discs:
Fuel discs are another great option for fuel storage. They are made of cedar and are idea for use in small stoves for starting a fire or heating and cooking food. They can be extinguished and relit and are safe to store indoors. You can also get a free cube stove with purchase of a 108 pack bundle of fuel discs!
Berkey Water Filters:
While most good filtration systems use a ceramic filter which gets out most of the contaminants in water, you still need to purify it afterwards to get out all of the viruses. The Black Berkey Purification Elements are unique filters in that they remove viruses, harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites as well as unhealthy chemical contaminates and impurities while leaving in the essential minerals your body needs.
Water Bricks:
Water Bricks have a unique stacking capability that allows you to store them in virtually any configuration. From small nooks and crannies to large storage rooms or even outside, these containers will fit your needs. When we first saw Water Bricks we knew they could be a GREAT option for people who are struggling with space issues, or who are looking for an easy to carry, light-weight, portable water storage solution.
Volcano Grills:
The Volcano Grill is a great stove that gives you all sorts of cooking options. We love them because they work with a variety of fuels, and cook with pots and pans, grills, woks, or dutch ovens. We use ours for camping, eprep, and just for fun!
Prepare My Life Planner:
The Prepare My Life Planner is an organized emergency preparedness plan. Not only does it contain a step-by-step plan to help prepare your home and family for an emergency, it is also designed to store and organize your important documents. All of the pages, pockets, pouches, and folders are included. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a death in the family, every household needs a plan in order to survive, cope, and recover.

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  • sherrylou

    I wanted so badly to purchase one of those generators, but I went online and found SEVERAL bad reviews of people who purchased them and found them A VERY FAR CRY from what was promised,  The batteries gave very little power and didn’t hold a charge.  This came from several sources.  Please respond, it would be awful to depend on something like that and get such a let down

    • Sherrylou, we met with the owners of Humless at an expo and were very impressed with what we learned about this product. We also know that Shelf Reliance recently started selling them and they do extensive testing before they offer a product. It was able to power an industrial fridge in their break room with no problems. I wonder if the people with the bad reviews might have had faulty units? I’m sure that Humless would do everything possible to make sure they were functioning as promised and would replace a unit that wasn’t working properly.

  • Mynina9

    My newest pick was to invest in beekeeping.  This will not only give me honey to use in place of sugar but also help with pollination in the gardens. 

  • Rebecca

    These products look so amazing!  I would love to have them all in my supply. 

  • Beachy1mom

    Have water filtration system all set….have a month supply of water….have 6 month supply food storage…..have wonder mill, but still want the hand powered wonder mill jr and another 6 month supply of food.  Just need to find the room to keep it and the money to buy it.  Garden already tilled and cold weather crops in.  Can’t wait to start planting beans and tomatoes!!  You guys rock

  • Vmfisher

    Any of these would be a great addition to my preps.

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