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Last week we talked about water filtration and purification methods you may need to use, should you not have enough actual water stored. The idea is, that you would be able to find a water source and filter and purify that water should you need extra. While this is a good option, it’s always a great idea to store as much actual water as possible. In our “Water Storage Containers” post we talked about water storage containers, one of which is a 55 gallon barrel. Storing 55 gallon barrels comes with Pros and Cons:

– Great solution for storing LOTS of water
– Available in multiple sizes from 30 gallons up to 250 gallons
– With additives, can extend rotation needs to every 5 years

– Slightly difficult to fill and rotate
– Not very accessible when you have to actually USE the water
– Not an ideal solution in small homes/storage areas and shouldn’t be stored outside


A couple of months ago, we were contacted by Trigen Manufacturing and we got some of their water barrel towers. Their water barrel towers solve the typical cons to the regular way of storing 55 gallon barrels. Rotating and filing the barrels is a breeze compared to when they are upright. Not only is rotation easier, it is a space saver too!

Both of us got one of their 3 barrel towers. Jodi’s husband built her tower and they took a video of it in case you are wanting to know how to build the actual shelf. The shelf comes with instructions, and the shelf is pretty basic so it’s not too difficult:

Darin from Trigen was kind enough to come over and help Julie get the barrels plumbed and ready for filling. This video shows you the tower fully built with the water barrels on it, and how to assemble the plumbing kit:

Check out our post on the barrels we did a few months ago when we introduced them and learn more about discounts available for Food Storage Made Easy readers!

To order call: 801-997-0575. Make sure you mention Food Storage Made Easy when you order to get the following discounts:

  • $20 off the Triple Barrel Tower with Upgraded Plumbing kit
  • $10 off Triple Barrel Tower with Basic Plumbing Kit
  • $10 off the Double Barrel Tower with Upgraded Plumbing kit
  • $10 off the Double Barrel Tower with Basic Plumbing kit

Visit Trigen Manufacturing for pricing and full list of contents. To get the discount, make a phone order and mention Food Storage Made Easy.

Pick up your barrels here:

  • Dianna Annette

    How have they held up these last few years ladies? I was hoping to get the plumina kit and a 2 barrel one but their Web site is empty so I can’t even get a price on those. 🙁 I guess it’s going to have to be a DIY using metal for our family, maybe gorilla shelves will do. 🙂

  • Dianna Annette

    Wish their website showed the double let barrel holder and price, I guess they don’t carry then anymore, I do think even see the ability to but the plumbing kits if I decide I need it later. It sure if I really want to use this company it seems like they are wishy washy a out their Web page and not answering their phone. Guess I need to XIY with metal instead of wood, this would if been a great present for this year. Oh well their loss at having a customer. 🙁

  • Gary Sherrill

    I’ve been calling Trigen every day at different times this week, leaving my name and number, and no response. Any other sources, ladies? Can you describe the fittings and drill sizes needed to make your own plumbing? I got 24′ of 3/4″ square tubing at a new and used metal salvage yard today. They even cut the piece into four 6′ pieces and all I have to do is cut them into 3′ sections for my shelving unit. You guys are great! Sincerely,
    Fort Worth

    • Gary, Were you able to get a hold of them yet? Here is the direct email that we use to contact them: trigenman@gmail.com So sorry about this. We haven’t worked with them for a few years now so we don’t know the details of their processes lately. If you still can’t get a response let us know and we’ll try to contact them too.

      -Jodi and Julie

  • Julie_edwards58

    I’ve watched your videos on the assembly of the triple barrel towers and plumbing kit and just had one question.  When you filled the three barrels at once, how did you add the necessary bleach to each barrel?  Thanks!

    • You can add the bleach when you use it, or add it in three batches. May not be perfect science so that is why I might just add it when I use it.

  • Swiftab

    It looks like the bottom barrel is too low to fill a bucket or pail.  Probably starting up a couple holes would give you more clearance when you need it.

  • That’s a good idea to save on space. Thanks for the suggestion.

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