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We’re no strangers to babies around here. Since we started our blog 4 years ago, we’ve added 4 babies to our families between the 2 of us. Recently Julie had her third boy… Yes 3 boys means lots of cooking with food storage, AND laundry. When she was in the hospital with her new baby her wonderful, and thoughtful sister brought her the most adorable gift. We thought you’d like to see this great idea and maybe use it for some of your friends and family having babies.

Baby Car EPrep Gift Bag

Changing Pads
Anything else you may find useful
Tags (made with Julie’s sister vinyl cutter, but you could make it with any red and white paper)

Now if you’ve ever had a baby you probably know, it’s quite common to get stranded somewhere and either run out of diapers or forget your diaper bag. While the needs for a baby in a 72 hour kit are much greater than just diapers – this little gift is a fabulous idea and addition to your car in case of an every day emergency.

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