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If you are on Pinterest you have probably seen this Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe go around several times (we just pinned it to our recipes board so you could find it easily). It always looks so delicious and it has been on my personal “recipes-to-try” board forever.

Well I finally got ambitious enough to make it the other night. While I was chopping up the chicken bits I had this little conversation with myself:

I sure do hate chopping up chicken
I love having freeze-dried chicken that is already chopped and ready to go
This is taking forever, I need a Diet Coke
Why did I pick a recipe that needs real chicken?
Hmm, I wonder if I COULD use big freeze-dried chicken chunks to make this …….

So after I finished breading and browning the real chicken, I hydrated some freeze-dried chicken (make sure it’s BIG chunks, not the little chopped chicken pieces–many companies sell both types). After they were rehydrated, I breaded the freeze-dried pieces just like the fresh chicken. I browned them and threw them in a separate baking dish so I could keep track of which was which.

Regular chicken on left, freeze-dried chicken on right

I made a batch and a half of the sauce since I added extra chicken, you pour the sauce over the chicken and bake it. It didn’t seem like I’d have enough to pour over rice when I served it, so I also cooked up some extra sauce using Julie’s recipe while the chicken cooked. Here’s how the chicken looked coming out of the oven.

Regular chicken on left, freeze-dried chicken on right

So overall I would say it was a success! I had my kids taste both options. They said the “regular” chicken was a little juicier but that they were both good. I asked if they would eat the “food storage version” if it were an emergency and they all said OH YES WE LOVE IT! (They may be remembering taste-testing some of our 3600 calorie emergency bars during the 7 day challenge. hahaha.) This is definitely gourmet emergency food … and hey, NO CHOPPING!

Forgive my yellow picture, it was late and lighting in my kitchen is AWFUL!

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