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This week for our Survival Mom Radio Network Show we are featuring a set of questions that we get asked from our readers and listeners quite often. Many of them come from our Facebook page, blog comments, or email submissions. We cover topics like how we got started with our blog, best ways to store dried goods, how to prioritize your food storage spending, and how to store food in small spaces.

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Here are a few links to things we mentioned in the show. Make sure to LISTEN and it will be more helpful to you!

Help for getting started:
Our free Babystep Checklist program, 26 checklist that come straight to your email every other week with purchasing assignments and all the information you need to know about each item you are storing including recipes for each one.

Tips for motivating others:
The Why Food Storage series we did can help you give your family and friends some ideas for why food storage is so important, it’s not just for “the end of the world” or some horrific natural disaster. There are reasons to have it EVERY DAY!

Food storage on a budget:
Visit this post for some more ideas for doing Emergency Preparedness on a Budget.

Storing food in small spaces:
Download our free Small Spaces Storage Solutions handout for tons of ideas on how to store food when you have limited space in your home.

Stay tuned in two weeks for part 2 of our FAQ show!

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