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We are so glad to be through this year’s 7 Day Challenge. It is such a fantastic learning experience every year but it sure is exhausting! We appreciate everyone who joined in the fun and participated whether it was through actually practicing the scenarios each day, or thinking through them and still discussing on facebook or on the blog comments.


Day 1: Economic Crisis – “Meal Prep and Planning”

Day 2: Terrorist Attack – “Water Contamination”

Day 3: Natural Disaster- “Tornado Strikes”

Day 4: Emergency Prep – “First Aid Basics”

Day 5: Everyday Emergency – “Circuit Breaks”

Day 6: Health Benefits – “Vegan Visitors”

Day 7: Economic Crisis – “Trucking Strike”

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  • Stephanie crank

    I’d love to do this but we live with peopleand haven’t started our emergency prep yet.. 🙁 maybe next year when we have our home such a cool idea though

    • It’s still fun to follow along and make lists of what you learn and what you want to do to prep when you are in a better position to be able to do so. Hope you’ll join in a little bit at least 🙂

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