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I don’t know about your family but around here summertime means ROAD TRIPS. As we embarked on a week long-trip to California this summer I thought a lot about what emergency preps I had in my car. We have a basic car kit but I definitely want to make some additions/improvements. So we thought a lot of you may be in the same boat and wanted to focus on that for our challenge this month.

July Get it Done Challenge:  Car Kit Update

Having an emergency kit in your car is something that can be life-saving in extreme cases, and sanity-saving on a regular basis. If you don’t know what a Car Emergency Kit is or how to go about putting one together, make sure to read our DISASTER KIT / EVACUATION LIST PAGE for full details and LOTS of resources for beginner to advanced kits.

Car Kit Update

For our July challenge we are encouraging everyone to do the following THREE things and report back to the group about it via blog comments or on our Facebook page. This makes us all more accountable and will help to make sure we actually GET IT DONE!

1. Do an inventory: What supplies do you have in each vehicle?

  • Stop what you are doing right now, grab a pen and paper, and run out to your car(s).
  • Write down all of the emergency supplies you currently have in each of your cars.
  • Share your list on this Facebook thread, don’t be shy, we are all working on this!

2. Do a rotation: Swap out seasonal items, rotate food and water

  • Check your food and water, make sure they are fresh
  • Make sure to include summer items to help you keep cool
  • Consider including good running shoes for all family members
  • Remove winter-specific items if needed for space

3. Expand your kit: consider additional items you might want to add

  • Look at the links on our Emergency Kit page and make a list of items you’d like to add
  • Plan a time this month to shop for them or shop online (check out Thrive, Emergency Essentials, and Amazon for lots of Emergency Supplies)
  • Re-arrange your kits in appropriate containers in your vehicles
  • Take a picture of your completed kit and share it on this Facebook thread
  • Give yourself a pat on the back at “getting it done” this month!

ENTER TO WIN: Survival Kit in a Can

Colghan’s Survival Kit in a Can
Contains 38 essential items:
Fire starter
9.8′ multi-use cord
3′ wire
Four waterproof matches
101′ fish line
Soup packet
Tea bag
Sugar packet
Match book
Two antiseptic swabs
Razor blade
Three twist ties

12″ duct tape
Signal mirror
Zip-lock bag
Two bandages
Two nails
Two safety pins
Two fish hooks
Signal whistle
Chewing gum
Sewing needle
Energy candy
Note paper
Survival/first aid pamphlet

How to Enter:
Simply share in the facebook threads listed above either your current car kit inventory or a picture of your completed kit and we will pick a winner from one of the threads to win a FREE survival kit in a can!

  • Heather Mitchell-Adams

    So, who’ the winner?! 🙂

  • Jeannette Butler

    I used a toolbox I picked up at a yardsale to put all my stuff in. I had 2 space blankets, extra socks, 2 cans of pork n beans, 1 small canned ham, crackers, neosporin, assort bandaids, 3 cordage bracelets, pair of jeans, tshirt, and flannel shirt. flashlight, batteries, matches in ziplock bag, sunscreen, 6 bottles water, 2 garbage bags, transister radio, 1 hunting knife, mini first aid kit and manual. want to add more items as money allows but other than changing out winter/summer stuff everything else was there already just replaced same food with newer from in house.

  • Kathy Courington

    I just have a first aid kit and jumper cables.

  • Timothy-Allen Albertson

    Dont have a car kit. Dont have a car.

  • Karen

    I work Disaster Preparedness for our church, so I really should not play! However, I had everything except the compass- We keep air horns- easier to use and sound goes a greater distance! Kotex and ace bandages are good ofr severe cuts-de icer, flat tire fix, fire extinguisher- extra sox (wool, pref) and cloth to use if have to get under the car.

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