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Welcome to the 7 Day Challenge. For 7 days, we are testing our Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage Plans. Each day will bring a NEW mock emergency or situation that will test at least one of the reasons “WHY” we strive to be prepared! REMEMBER: No going to a store, gas station, or spending any money for the entire 7 days (unless we say otherwise)! And please feel free to adapt the scenarios to fit your own family and situation.


There are severe weather conditions in your area. A huge storm is expected to hit tomorrow and you have 24 hours to prepare for it. It is expected you will be without power and water for a few weeks after the storm comes through. Your house should survive the storm so no need to evacuate. Today is your day to get ready. You ARE allowed to go to stores today and take care of gathering last minute items that aren’t in your storage.
Goal: Tie up loose ends in your food storage and emergency preparedness plans

Today’s Tasks:

  • Make a plan with your family of all the tasks you will need to accomplish today. This post may help you in your game plan
  • Review your Master Worksheets you have been filling out this week. Start working down the list of items to buy, do, and learn. Write down due dates for any tasks that you don’t accomplish today.
  • Attack the tasks that will be difficult to do when the storm hits: Laundry and cleaning, fill cars with gas, fill water containers (fill a water-bob if you have one and can keep little ones away from the tub), locate flashlights and batteries)
  • Review your three month supply inventory sheet and stock up on anything you are low on
  • Stock up on fuel, batteries, candles, water bottles, first aid supplies, etc. that you may need in the coming weeks
  • Make a plan for using up your fridge/freezer foods quickly

fbSHARING TIME: Visit today’s Facebook thread and share a picture or description of everything you got accomplished today. It’s time to BRAG!

Today’s Limitations:

  • No limitations today – we want you to have complete freedom to REALLY get things done today. Consider today a work day!

Advanced Tasks:

  • Since you are planning not to have power for the next few weeks, prepare meal-in-a-jars or a menu for 2 weeks of shelf stable foods you can cook
  • Review your long-term food storage inventory and replenish anything you are short on
  • Put together several 72 hour kits of food and water for close friends or neighbors who may come to you for help

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Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 8.51.13 PMWe put together a master worksheet for you to fill out each day of the challenge. There is a separate page to list the things you need to buy, do, and learn after each day of the challenge. Include a due date of when you’d like to accomplish the task and check it off when you do it! Fill it out at the end of each day while your memory is fresh.

  • casey86

    If I know a storm is coming that may knock out power, I try to get laundry, dishes, and vacuuming done.

  • bensmagginolia

    I have always lived on the gulf coast in texas and florida so my parents taught me to prep from day one. if a storm was coming, mama told everyone to take a bath then bring all dirty clothes to the laundry. when everything was done she would bleach the tub and fill it with water. I just bought a water bob for myself to have on hand. I have a good 2-3 months of food but the water is only 30 gallons right now. I have 3 cats so I definitely need more. I have lived without electric and running water several times and it is HARD but doable. our electric went off Wednesday for a few hours so I thought, this will be a good test. well…….. the laptop was charged up so I sat down to read…..then the battery went dead. I realized that I didn’t have many real books to keep my occupied. I plan on going to the library next week to buy up some books to have on hand. other than that problem, I did pretty well.

  • Karen in Id.

    We always have our vehicles topped of. We have gas stored in case of emergencies. We do live off grid, so our batteries will get topped off. We have our propane filled for our frig and freezer. so will be fine. We always have our first aide ready. I am lucky that my husband is a wilderness EMT. We have gravity flow water so we are fine there. We also have 3 to 4 five gal. bottles filled with our distilled water in case something goes wrong with our water. We tip our solar panels to winter, which is vertical position, to prevent from flying debre and hale and to prevent from breakage. Wood will get stocked up for our heating and cook stove. We will be going around to make sure everything is buckled down. We always have our flash lights ready and candles if need be. In case of lightening, we always ground or disconnect our antennas.

  • Paul

    We are pretty much good to go with this one. Only thing I can offer would be to pull out those generators and crank them up. Make sure they are in good running order and your fuel hasn’t gone bad. Pulled mine out this morning and found the rats had started to chew on things but still worked. Will spend part of this morning repairing that, change the oil, clean the air filter etc. Only part that would be nice is finishing the large solar setup for the house but that’s not going to happen today 🙂

  • Andi

    This is a good one since we often get notified ahead of time about storms. I’ll be doing laundry, fill up the gas cans & cars & look through freezer to see what I can make for meals when we lose power. Also prep the camp stove, fill up water containers and make sure all portable electronics are charged.

    • Dorothy

      We will check out the camper to see that it is well stocked and all the batteries are fully charged, propane tanks are all full,(including the big one on the rack on the back) water tank is full and I will be looking at getting some of the meat in my freezers into jars before i loose power.Take jars of shelf stable meals from the basement to the camper. This would be meals in a jar and things like stews and soups that I have canned. Also spaghetti sauce.Got the spaghetti already in there. Our camper is where we bug out to. If we have to leave the area we take it with us. Got everything we need for quite some time.Things that won’t hurt to freeze are in there all the time. I even have a hand operated washing machine but will see that all the laundry is done up before the power and water go off.We can easily live for a month on what we have in that camper since it is just the 2 of us. Also it is self contained as far as bathroom is concerned.

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