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Whether you are a beginner or a food storage veteran, everyone’s food storage can use either a do-over or at least a “refresh”!


Is getting back on track with your Food Storage one of your goals for this year? It’s easy to feel like you are “done” when you’ve been doing it for a while, but are you really ever DONE? Or maybe your diet has changed since you started, or you’ve learned a lot more about what types of foods you really want to be storing? Well have no fear, we’re here to help! And we’ll be joining you for the adventure.

Introducing the Food Storage Do-Over

This is your chance to take a look at your emergency preparedness and food storage plans and think about them with fresh eyes. We will walk through the process in a 16 week series of blog posts to help you analyze what is working, what’s not, and to fill in any missing cracks you might have in your plans. The best part is we will be doing it TOGETHER

How it Works

Every week on Wednesday we will be posting one topic related to emergency preparedness or food storage. We will look at JUST that one component of our preps and really figure out exactly where we want to be and see what we are missing still. This could be stuff we need to buy, recipes we need to print, skills we need to learn, etc. We will be sharing on our social media channels and on our blog about all the different things we are doing each week to hopefully give you ideas about what you may want to work on for YOUR do-over.

CLICK HERE to be notified of each week’s tasks/resources via email.

How to Participate as a Group

While we will be doing the blog posts each week, the greatest learning will happen as we all share with each other. As we share good resources, ideas, pictures, and hold each other accountable we will see so much more success. To participate as a group:

  • We have set up a brand new Facebook group where everyone who is participating in the Food Storage Do-Over can share what they are doing.
  • We will be posting on our instagram (follow us @foodstoragemadeeasy) and using the hashtag #fsdo. Please feel free to post your own pictures and use that hashtag too!

Schedule of Topics

WEEK 1 – BASIC EPREP: 72 Hour Kits (Jan 14-Jan 20)
Food, water, and supplies

WEEK 2 – BASIC EPREP: Financial Preps (Jan 21-Jan 27)
Update emergency binder, estate plans, passwords document, etc.

WEEK 3 – BASIC EPREP: Car Kits / Evacuation Plans (Jan 28-Feb 3)
Update supplies, go over plans with family

WEEK 4 – BABYSTEP 1: Shelves (Feb 4-Feb 10)
Organize space, plan where things will go, buy/make shelves

WEEK 5 – BABYSTEP 2: Water Storage (Feb 11-Feb 17)
Add containers, evaluate purification options, other sources

WEEK 6 – BABYSTEP 3: 3 Month Supply (Feb 18-Feb 24)
Pantry inventory, analyze 3 month plan, restock

WEEK 7 – BABYSTEP 4: Long Term Food Storage (Feb 25-Mar 3)
Update recipes, buy cookbooks, inventory your current supplies, evaluate dietary needs, make a plan

WEEK 8 – BABYSTEP 5: Grains (Mar 4-Mar 10)
Restock as necessary, print/try new recipes, test wheat grinders, experiment with different grains

WEEK 9 – BABYSTEP 6: Legumes/Meats (Mar 11-Mar 17)
Restock as necessary, print/try new recipes, experiment with different legumes, plan for purchasing or preserving meats

WEEK 10 – BABYSTEP 7: Baking Ingredients (Mar 18-Mar 24)
Restock as necessary, evaluate what you use and don’t use, donate items you may not cook with any more

WEEK 11 – BABYSTEP 8: Fruits and Vegetables (Mar 25-Mar 31)
Plan for purchasing or preserving produce, educate on gardening/preservation, evaluate needs, purchase as necessary

WEEK 12 – BABYSTEP 9: Comfort Foods (Apr 1-Apr 7)
What do you have, how do you rotate, what could you buy to make more “regular” meals, restock chocolate

WEEK 13 – BABYSTEP 10: Non Food Items (Apr 8-Apr 14)
Toiletries, cleaning supplies, paper goods, evaluate and restock as necessary

WEEK 14 – ADVANCED EPREP: Sanitation/First Aid (Apr 15-Apr 21)
What are your plans, restock as necessary

WEEK 15 – ADVANCED EPREP: Powerless cooking (Apr 22-Apr 28)
What are your sources, restock fuel, add to your options

WEEK 16 – ADVANCED EPREP: Shelter/Heating/Cooling (Apr 29-May 5)
What are your plans, buy tools as needed to provide shelter and keep temperature controlled

WEEK 17 – ADVANCED EPREP: Protection/Self Defense (May 6-May 12)
What are your plans, what do you need to buy, what classes should you be taking

We are so excited to spend the next few months working on RE-DOING our food storage and prepping plans. It is going to be so fun and rewarding to see the results along the way!

Don’t forget to come join the Facebook Group and you will get notified when WEEK 1 goes live next week!

  • Michelle Lea

    Can you add me to the group? My request has been pending for a while now.

  • Heather Martin

    I tried to look at week 13 but it keeps coming up as “page not found”.

    • We’re still finishing it up. Just stuck the link it WILL be in there for now 🙂

      • Heather Martin

        Thank you

  • Rosemary Burkman

    Glad you are starting with the 72 hour kits, that was on my calendar for this month. I have them ready, just need to replenish them. I try to get this done every 6 months. Jan/June. this is a great website. Thanks for all your information. It’s a lot to go over….great to do it in babysteps.

    • Ya we are hoping that by breaking it down into weeks and doing it together it will make it easier for everyone!

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