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We are excited to be starting week 6 of our Food Storage Do-Over 2015! Last week we saw more great progress from all those participating in the water do-over and we are excited to keep going. If you didn’t catch last week’s post you can see it here.

Remember this is a 17 week process that we will be going through together. If you want to join in with the group on Facebook click here. If you’d like to receive email notifications of each week’s do-over assignment you can join our mailing list here. Or you can always post in the blog comments with your progress as well! It is so much more fun and motivating doing it as a group so find a way to connect!


In BabyStep 3: 3 month supply we discuss the importance of having a three month supply of foods you regularly eat. We also give you lots of tools to help you plan and build up your supply.

If you are BRAND NEW with little to no extra food stored, you have four tasks for this week:

  1. Ask yourself these five three month supply questions to get started with the planning process.
  2. Make a list of foods you eat on a regular basis and determine how much you would go through in three months (our spreadsheet will help if you prefer a detailed plan).
  3. Inventory what you already have and fill in your spreadsheet or your notes with the quantities on hand.
  4. Purchase your three month supply foods using the shopping list from your spreadsheet or your notes. If you can afford to do it all at once you can feel very accomplished at GETTING THIS DONE! (The Deals to Meals website can help you get the best prices for a big grocery shop). If you need to spread out your purchase over time, see some of the tips below to help.

Month Supply Tips

  • Plan your recipes for your three month supply and have them readily accessible in a binder or recipe box (see resources below for tips on recipe/meal planning)
  • Gradually purchase these foods in bulk as they go on sale if you can’t afford to get them all at once (understanding store sale cycles can be helpful).
  • Combine sale prices with coupons for even more savings as you stock up
  • Use and rotate these foods in all your daily cooking.
  • Constantly replenish the stocks of these foods as they go on sale again (check out Deals to Meals for help on finding items at the best prices).

Don’t forget to come over and share your progress in our Food Storage Do-Over Facebook Group!


If you already have a pretty well-stocked pantry full of foods you normally eat, here are a few ways you can participate in the Do-Over this week. It’s always a good idea to re-evaluate, update/rotate, and add to your preps.

Assess any changes to your three month supply needs
Have you been counting freezer foods but would like to switch to all perishables? Have your family’s dietary needs changed? Are all of your recipes ones that your family enjoys? Make any necessary changes to your three month supply planning sheets.

Inventory your food supplies
Take stock of all the food you have that is on your three month supply list. Make a note of the items you need for your full supply versus items you already have. Make a shopping list of all items needed.

Replenish any necessary supplies
Take your shopping lists and hit the stores to fill out your complete three month supply of food. If you can’t do this all at once, try to purchase the items when they are on sale or combined with coupons. The Deals to Meals program and this sale cycle link can help you out!

Don’t forget to come over and share your progress in our Food Storage Do-Over Facebook Group!


Deals to Meals: Compares prices of the major grocery stores to Costco, Sams Club, and Walmart. Tells you where the best deals are to stock up your food storage and freezer. Offers a two week free trial with no obligation, no contracts to sign, cancel at anytime
CanSolidators: Sturdy plastic can racks perfect for storing your three month supply canned goods in. Can be adjustable for any width of small to medium can. Available in three sizes and will fit on a regular shelf or in a pantry.

Here are some resources both from us and all over the web that can help you if you want more depth on any areas or are looking for even more ideas of items to include in your plans. It’s always a good idea to look at multiple approaches and decide what will work best for you! And don’t forget to check out the discussions on our facebook group to catch anything we are missing or see what others are doing!

3 Month Supply Planning Tools
3 MONTH SUPPLY PLANNING SPREADSHEET – Recipe based planning guide
3 MONTH SUPPLY SPREADSHEET: Basic Tutorial Video – Learn how to use the basic worksheet
3 MONTH SUPPLY SPREADSHEET: Advanced Tutorial Video – Learn how to use additional features
3 MONTH SUPPLY PDF WORKSHEETS – for those who don’t have excel or prefer paper
3 MONTH SUPPLY PDF WORKSHEETS: Tutorial Video – Learn how to use the paper worksheets
List of Spreadsheets and Inventory Lists – from Prepared Housewives
3 Month Supply Overview Video – from Everyday Food Storage

Couponing/Savings on Groceries
Understanding Sale Cycles – See what is on sale during different months of the year
Deals to Meals – Program to help find the best deals at multiple grocery stores
Saving Money on Groceries Made Easy – Julie shows how she uses Deals to Meals
Pinching Your Pennies Forum – Great forum for money-saving tips

Meal Planning / Recipe Organization
How to Create a Recipe Binder – from Food Storage Made Easy
Using Meal Plans to Prepare for an Emergency – from Mom with a Prep
Menu Planning with Inventory Tracker – from Endless Crafting
FREE Shelf Stable Recipe Book – from Food Storage Made Easy

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