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We recently had the opportunity to meet with Kris from Titan Ready USA and he showed us some of his products that we are excited to share with you. These products are simple but efficient solutions to some preparedness dilemmas we know we have faced and you may have as well. This post covers the Hydrant Water Storage Systems, but be sure to check out the HERC tea light ovens and the Helius Rocket Stove.

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The Hydrant Water Storage Systems are 2-4 barrel towers that store 55 gallon barrels of water. You can start with a 2 barrel system and add to them as your storage needs increase. You rotate the water via the bottom barrel that sits high enough that you can fit a 5 gallon bucket beneath it.

Everything you need to stack and connect two 55 gallon water storage barrels. Racks are welded and powder coated here in the USA. Wide base for stability in every emergency situation. Assembles in minutes with aluminum bung wrench (included) and a flat head screwdriver. Water rotation has NEVER been so easy!

Please Note: If you are just getting started in your water storage or on a tight budget, we are not suggesting is where you need to start. Check out BabyStep 2: Water for lots of ideas on getting started. However, having gone through lots of different options, we have found this one to be the most efficient and space-effective. You can also purchase a plumbing kit and attempt to DIY if that’s more your style.

Here is a video of us being introduced to the Hydrant Water Storage Systems with Kris:

FSME DISCOUNT: Click here to shop and enter coupon code FSME10 to save 10% on your Water Tower order. This deal is exclusively for Food Storage Made Easy readers!

  • Jessica

    Okay this may be a little off topic… I love this tier system, however, my water storage normally comes from a water catchment system with an in-line filter, is there a way to feed a barrel rain catchment system into this storage system? Or a similar storage system?

    • Carrie Scoffield Peterson

      Hope you don’t mind me answering this question… they make a pump that you can put a hose on that you can put into the barrel and pump to you containment system.. I believe it is a submersable pump (spelling) and a garden hose.. it is electric.. they work great…

  • Tracy Mecham Huntsman

    Would you please provide a video on filling the barrels please?

  • Robyn

    I already have a system similar to this but have been unable to find the spouts. Can you tell me where to get those?

  • Charlie C

    The system has an entirely excessive price point. Great idea, but too costly for the materials and effort required. My husband put this exact thing together for just under $100.00 with Metal shelving purchased at Lowe’s, not including the barrels.

    • Pewah

      So, your husband used shelving from Lowe’s, which means that you don’t have the “exact” same thing, right? Did you happen to compare all the product performance specifications for the components you purchased and for this product to see if they were exactly the same? Probably not. So, what you have is something that is similar in appearance, but possibly very different in performance, durability, and possibly in user safety. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d think twice about letting my grand kids wander too close to a 1,500 lb. water system that I cobbled together and that hadn’t been tested and sold for that specific use.

      • Adriana Diaz

        What a nasty wretch you are. Geeze she was just giving a cost comparison. What do you have a financial stake in this product?

        • Pewah

          No, I do not have a financial stake in this company, but I do have extensive experience in both engineering and in the funeral industry. I can tell you that there is almost nothing sadder than burying a child that has been needlessly killed by equipment that is improperly used (or constructed) in the home. I have been there more than once.

    • Linda N Gary Hatfield

      Would you mind sharing your info?

  • Mike Abbott

    How does the water get into the barrels after assembled? They never show or talk about that.

    • Kevin Morrison

      they did, it fills from the bottom and the there is a valve on top to vent for air water displacment.

      • Colleen Wood

        you access it from the bottom but I don’t think you can fill the top barrel from the bottom so they didn’t talk about filling just emptying

        • Kevin Morrison


        • Kris Johnson

          Hi Colleen, please see above. My fingers are too big to type that again on this little phone… Thanks!

      • Kris Johnson

        Kevin you sir are correct and thanks for the help. If I can ever help you with any of our products please give me a call! I’m the President and innovator at Titan and remember all Titan Ready USA products are made by Americans for Americans because it matters!!!

    • Kris Johnson

      Kevin Morrison is right. Everything happens through the bottom 1/4 turn valve. Draining and filling. The top 1/4 turn valve is only there to allow the air to displace. If you think about it big, tall buildings have the pressure to elevate the water and squirt it out a shower head 10, 20, 30 stories high. Pushing it up to 5 feet, I can tell you this when its full it comes shooting out so be quick to turn off your water spigot. I might add the male end of the hose connects to the bottom barrel so to drain just open the 1/4 turn valve. To fill you don’t even need to change the connections just screw the female end of you hose to a water spigot and the water pressure dose all the work!

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