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2018 will mark the TENTH year that we have been blogging and building our food storage. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were still trying to figure out what wheat looked like and how it turned into bread. Well we decided that our goal for 2018 would be to take a look at every area of our food storage and emergency preparedness plans, one at a time, and re-evaluate them.

We will be re-posting some of our best posts on each topic, as well as sharing what we are doing NOW in each area. Follow our journey more closely on Facebook (either on our page or in our group).

Here is the schedule we are going to follow, get ready to take a deep dive into each of these topics with us!


Food Storage: Organization / Shelves
Emergency Prep: Financial Preps / Emergency Binder


Food Storage: Water Storage
Emergency Prep: Car Kits / Evacuation Plans


Food Storage: 3 Month Supply
Emergency Prep: Warmth / Emergency Heating


Food Storage: Long Term Food Storage Planning
Emergency Prep: 72 Hour Kits


Food Storage: Grains
Emergency Prep: Gardening


Food Storage: Legumes
Emergency Prep: Emergency Cooling


Food Storage: Baking Ingredients
Emergency Prep: Emergency Sanitation


Food Storage: Fruits and Vegetables
Emergency Prep: Canning


Food Storage: Comfort Foods
Emergency Prep: Dehydrating


Food Storage: Non-Food Items
Emergency Prep: Shelter / Tents


Food Storage: Powerless Cooking
Emergency Prep: First Aid


Food Storage: Emergency Fuels
Emergency Prep: Protection / Self-Defense

We hope you’ll join us as we go over each of these topics this year. If you want a monthly reminder about what we are working on please sign up for our email list!

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