Welcome to BabySteps Checklist #4. We are going to be BUSY as we work through this checklist. We will be going into some intense detail on how to plan and purchase your three month food supply. This may sound intimidating but it is actually fun to do! Once you have your initial plan in place the rest of the process is not difficult at all.

Planning your Three Month Supply can feel very daunting, but it is SO important! If you had a tight month financially, wouldn’t it be great to know that you could at least cut on grocery costs and still feed your family the foods they are used to? Some people plan for only shelf stable meals (using only pantry items), while others opt to include some freezer foods as well. Determine which type of meals you feel are right for your family and make your plan based off of those meals.


Begin purchasing foods included on your 3 Month Food Supply list once you have your plan
Use a service like Deals to Meals to save you money on these purchases


Find or develop some shelf stable recipes if you opt to plan this way
Download and print our HUGE Shelf Stable Recipe Book for ideas

Create your three month food supply plan

Develop a system for purchasing your food items that works for your shopping style

  • Buy a few extras of several items each time you grocery shop
  • Stock up on items when they are on sale
  • Learn more about coupon shopping (it’s helpful to find a website/service listing deals in your local area)

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