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Home organization is something that people tend to either love or dread. Being organized in the kitchen, in your food storage and in your planning can really take a lot of the stress out of difficult tasks.

Organization and Food Storage

Organizing your kitchen pantry, work areas, and food storage rooms can be immensely helpful as you get started with your food storage. Ideas for your kitchen: keep appliances such as wheat grinders and bread machines easily accessible, store some grains and legumes in your kitchen in small containers instead of hidden in the basement, group things together for ease in baking (i.e. all your bread ingredients in one cupboard).

Being organized in “planning” your food storage is critical. Without a plan and goals you will not achieve all of the things you want to achieve. We are constantly refining and adding to our site to make it easy for you to learn, plan, buy, and use your food storage. It definitely takes organization to keep track of all of the foods, products, self-reliance skills, and more.

Benefits of Organization

  • Helps food storage to not feel like a chore
  • Use your food before it expires or goes bad
  • Always know where your food and appliances are
  • Get motivated with your food storage again when you do a reorganization project
  • Get more accomplished by planning and setting goals

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