We Heart Pinterest Day 7: Meal Planning/Organizing and Saving on Groceries

Budgeting, Organization, Pinterest, Recipes, Three Month Supply
Since we LOVE Food Storage, and LOVE Pinterest (see post here), each day until February 14th, we'll be showing you some of our favorite Pinterest boards and neat things we have found and have pinned there! It's so great to see and share what others have done. Today we are highlighting two fun boards, the Meal Planning/Organizing board and the Saving on Groceries board. On our Meal Planning/Organizing board we are gathering great ideas for helping you to organize your recipes and plan out your meals. This can be very helpful for day to day cooking as well as for planning your three month supply. The Saving on Groceries board is full of tips on how to reduce your grocery spending so you can have more money left to buy…
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Vacations and Food Storage

Budgeting, Just For Fun
I recently took a trip with my family to Disneyland after a lot of planning, saving, and working. We had so much fun. Was it relaxing? Not even close- we were too busy having fun. Big thanks to Jodi for manning the blog and email while I was gone. I have to confess a little something though- I was so busy with the April surprises, and other things that I really didn't plan our food options very well. I had such good intentions, but the day before we left Jodi and I were teaching food storage classes at an expo, and the day I came home we were doing our powerless cooking class so I was a little distracted! While we were there I had a lot of time to…
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Why Food Storage Should Be Part of Your Financial Plan

Have you ever been out of work for a week, a month, even longer? Do you wish you could buy foods ONLY when they are on sale and with coupons? Do you wish you had a stockpile of grains now that the prices are getting so high? In light of the current economic situation, we thought we'd share with you some ideas on how having your food storage in place can help you financially in both the short term and long term. Short Term Food Storage Your short term food storage consists of getting a 3 month supply of foods that you eat on a day to day basis. Once you have this in place you can start to grocery shop from your food storage and only replenish those items…
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Case Lot Sale and Julie’s Update

General, Julie's Progress
So if you remember from my beginnings post, THIS is what my food storage looked like 2 months ago. If you are new to the site, you may not have been around when Jodi and I declared to the world we were going to figure out this food storage stuff and share our research. Well since this humble beginning, my food storage has come a long way. I have a LONG WAY to go still, but I'm not going to be intimidated and I'm going to keep adding bit by bit. Here is what my food storage looks like after stocking up on a couple things each time I went grocery shopping, and after taking advantage of the case lot sales that are going on in local grocery stores around…
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