Saving Money On Groceries – WITHOUT COUPONS

I've been meaning to do a follow up post to a post I did about using Deals to Meals to save on my groceries. Something that takes me 3 minutes to do, without clipping a single coupon, or browsing store ads, and SAVES ME tons of money is definitely worth sharing. When the topic of "grocery savings" or "couponing" comes up, the main concern we hear is that you can't buy healthy food with coupons or by using money saving websites. Well sorry - but that's WRONG! I use deals to meals, mainly for my produce and save a ton by price matching. I love it. Today I was without my kids at the grocery store (yes - I know some of you just did a big jealous gasp) and…
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Meal Planning Made Easy

Budgeting, Jodi's Progress
Exactly one month ago I gave birth to my third baby. Crazy I have three kids now! I knew with having a busy husband who wasn't able to get any time off work, and two "big" kids at home who like Mommy's cooking, that I needed to do some planning ahead in the meal department. I made tons of freezer meals and shared the process in depth with our Facebook Friends. I wanted to show you guys how EASY it is to plan ahead either for a big event, for a three month supply shop, or just for regular monthly meal plans using the Deals to Meals service. 1. Go through your recipe books, favorite recipes websites, etc. and write down all the meals you are planning for (I looked…
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Saving on Groceries… MADE EASY!

Budgeting, Julie's Progress
For those of you who have followed our blog for long you would know I LOVED couponing, I DID couponing, couponing SAVED me a lot of money - UNTIL: I had another baby last winter Albertsons closed down (my primary store to coupon at) Red Plum (one of the coupon booklets) stopped coming in the newspapers I feared my neighbors got irritated at my piled up newspapers on my driveway I got super busy with life, blogging, life, etc So for the last 8 months, I haven't couponed. Each time I went to the store - I cringed because I knew I was wasting money. If couponing is still working for you, more power to you - keep doing it - and I applaud you. For anyone out there who…
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Giveaways, Long Term Food Storage
Even though I may risk not winning this myself- I had to share it. Want to know a secret? - I'm a counter snob! There has never been an appliance worthy of living on my counter - until NOW. Too bad I don't own it yet. My mom got a BOSCH mixer for her birthday last December and because she's trying to sell her house right now, she is crazy busy and hasn't found time to use it. SO I STOLE IT. Ummm - BORROWED it. After making close to 20 loaves of bread in 2 weeks just because it's SO EASY I've decided I can't live without it (I gave a lot of the loaves away okay). This machine practically makes the bread for you. MOM PLEASE NEVER TAKE…
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